Getting through it!

I sincerely hope that you are all well and are coping with whatever life is currently throwing at you with the customary good cheer and humour that us radio sailors seem to have. Whatever your situation is it is bound to be far removed from your normal routine. I for instance am having my first Easter off in twenty years. Whilst mentally it is no hardship I can’t help thinking that the boatyard would have had another bumper Easter weekend, the weather is pretty sweet up here in our little corner of N. Wales.

The garden at Soch Sails HQ looks amazing, spring certainly hasn’t taken a break, as I’m writing this I’m listening to a woodpecker in one of the trees in the garden and there is a whole heap of birdsong that you never really listen to. IMG_8625

I’ve had worse places to work from……

Certainly life is a little slower, things happen as they happen and stuff can’t be rushed.

I’m luckier than most in this strange time, I can still get to work and enjoy fulfilling a good number of Soch Sails orders for all manner of our products, from DF65 sails, DF95 sails, rig bags, sticker sets, deck patches and RC Laser parts and even the odd boat here and there. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t as busy as we usually are but we are still seeing a healthy number of orders through our inbox.

To those that have placed orders recently, thank you, you are keeping me sane!


Workshop still busy.

The shipping side of things is still plodding along too, UK items are still making their destinations within a couple of days of leaving us via the post office. Shipping to the wider world is a little slower currently with expected delivery slots being around 2 – 3 weeks from point of shipping from us. All our non UK parcels are shipped on a tracked and signed service so it’s easy to find out how your shipment is progressing through the system although sometimes the info is currently a little scarce.

We are shipping once or twice a week, which limits our exposure to the wider community which is only sensible at this time.

So to recap, we are still plodding along, we are healthy and happy and dare I say it we are enjoying the more relaxed pace of life. Orders are being manufactured and shipped. Shipping is a once or twice a week deal, UK shipping times are similar to usual, wider world shipments are perhaps a little delayed but can be tracked.

The online shop is open 24/7 as always so if you need something or even just fancy building that rig you’ve not gotten around to yet then please feel free to place your order with us. There is every chance that if the UK lockdown continues I might just get around to building the fabled D rig for my own DF95!!

Clicky here to take a look at the online shop.

Stay safe everyone.


One or two of this weeks production.

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