DF95 Sails – Mylar Film

DF95 Sails – Mylar Film

Our Mylar film sails look great and offer a really good upgrade from the standard DF95 kit sails to make your DF95 stand out a little from the crowd, they are available in A, B, C and D sizes and the specs are listed below.

A suit – 50 micron

B suit – 75 micron

C suit – 75 micron

D Suit – 75 micron

Some of our DF95 sails

All Suits

Finger patches to tack & clew of both main and jib and jib head. Suitable head reinforcement with batten on all suits.

Fibreglass battens on mainsail to comply with class rules. Batten ends have reinforcment patches to suit.

Luff tie area includes suitable reinforcement.

Nickel plated brass eyelets at tack, clew and head of both main and jib.

Class logo and rig size character applied as standard.

Multi strand wire forestay included.

Choice of luff tape and finger patch colours.

Sail numbers can be applied at extra cost.

National insignia can be supplied and applied at extra cost.


Full hit of DF95 sails

Corner Patches

Corner reinforcement patches currently available in the following colours

Black, Royal Blue, Grey, Red, Dayglo Yellow, Dayglo Orange or any combination of the above!

Jib Luff Colours


Currently available luff colours

Black, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Grey, Red, Dayglo Yellow, Dayglo Orange.


A Suit – £40

B Suit – £40

C Suit – £40

D Suit – £40

How to order

If you’d like to place an order please click the link and you’ll be transferred to our shiny online shop! Online Shop Link