Sail Numbers

If you are ordering a suit of our sails simply choose your number style, let us know and we’ll supply them for you. If you just want a set of sail numbers please read on!

DF65 – Sail Numbers

Whilst offering our own, class legal, design numbers we have been asked for a few suits of sails to put on a larger set of numbers than we would normally supply, with this in mind we now offer an A style or a B style of numbers. They both cost the same but when ordering please specify the style you require. They are pictured below with style A being our favoured style and what is pictured on all the suits in the gallery and style B being something a little more conventional.

If you need sail numbers for any other class please get in touch with your requirements and we’ll get some sorted for you.


Number Style A


Number Style B

DF95 – Sail Numbers

Since the DF95 was launched we have been using an evolution of our DF65 A style numbers. We think they fit the bill really well and look really great too. The C & D suit numbers are slightly smaller than the A & B suit which fit the sails better.


National Letters

The suggested National letters for the DF95 class are pretty cool, they look really good on both the DF65 and DF95 sails so we have decided to offer them as our standard and only National letters.



DF65 / RG65 Sail numbers – £5 per set of 4 (enough for one suit)

DF95 Sail numbers – £6 per set of 4 (enough for one suit of sails)

National letters to suit DF 65 / DF95 / RG65, GBR etc – £2 per set of 2 (enough for one suit)

DF65 / DF95/ RG65 Class logos sold separately – £2 per set (enough for one suit)

How to order

If you’d like to place an order please click the link and you’ll be transferred to our shiny  online shop! Online Shop Link.

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