RC Laser

So we’ve been supplying the popular RC Laser since late 2011 and have a great knowledge of the product and how it should be presented for racing in this, the only true “one design” radio sailing class.


We have been racing the class since 2012 and have notched up some reasonable results, including a two third place finishes at the RC Laser Nationals in the last couple of years.

Whilst the DF classes are growing in numbers the RC Laser continues to hold skippers interest and there are a good number of fleets based around the UK and beyond with quite a bit of interest from large private charter boats in the med and the Carribean who have taken fleets of boats over the years to entertain onboard guests.


Over the years we have written a lot about the RC Laser product, much of which can be found on our Abersoch Boatyard Services website 

The only issue currently is the supply of boats and some parts which has changed considerably in the last few months with the original UK Distribution company of 20 or more years ceasing to bring the product into the UK as they once did. Supply of most parts is ok and will remain so.

We supply a popular braid upgrade kit which we have refined over the years and we use it on our own boats and have proven its worth again and again and we upgrade all our package boats with the kit as standard before shipping them out to customers.

We also offer battery upgrades that we have proven over time on the racecourse along with other useful items that will keep your RC Laser reliable and racing for years to come.

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