Deck Patches


The original deck patches that come with the DF65 kit are not the best, they are a little too thick and not really ideal for the job but they do work. However they aren’t really useful for more than a couple of outings when the adhesive wears off. I’m always surprised to find people using their original patches when better alternatives are available.

We can supply replacement deck patches for the DF65, or indeed any other type of yacht. Our DF deck patches have been designed to be larger and much better quality than the kit supplied items and come in a range of colours.


From the top, Kevlar yellow, dayglo yellow, black, blue, white, dayglo orange, grey and green.

We supply the deck patches as an A5 size sheet with one large deck patch and four smaller battery hatch patches.

We can also offer a sheet of just battery hatch patches, we can send you an A5 sheet with eight battery patches.

Just want large hatch patches? No problem we can send you an A5 sheet of two large hatch patches.

The shop has both V1 – 5 patches and also V6 patches available, please make sure that you order correctly as they are different!


V1 – 5 Deck patch set


V6 Deck patch set


Whilst there is nothing wrong with the original kit supplied deck patch you’ll eventually need to purchase a replacement solution. We’ve thought about this and as usual can offer you a couple of solutions.

The simplest solution is a single use vinyl ring patch which we think offers a really great way to liven up the deck on your DF95. The are offered as a set of 4 single use patches. We can offer these in a range of colours.



We can also offer the same deck patch in a reusable insignia cloth material. These are available as an A5 sheet with two patches.


Other Classes

Do you need patches for another class of yacht? If you can send us a template of what you need then we can make it for you!


This is really simple, just £2 per sheet, whichever one you go for.

How to Order

If you’d like to place an order please click the link and you’ll be transferred to our shiny  online shop!  Online Shop Link.

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