Rig Bags

So we were a little behind the curve with our DF65 rig bags having taken almost three years to sort them out, however now they are here we are pretty pleased with the result and they are available as a well proportioned four pocket bag with Velcro opening and cloth binding tape around the edges to make them look great. We have updated this bag to accommodate the new A+ rig


So having sorted the DF65 sail bags out we decided to crack on double time and sort out our DF95 rig bag. It follows the same basic principles as the DF65 rig bag and like the DF65 bag it has four pockets which allow it to accommodate all the rigs that are available for the DF95.


Both rig bags are now in production on a batch basis, with batches of bags being delivered on a two week rotation. Unfortunately for us our friends at RC YAchts take much of our production of rig bags so we don’t often have them in stock on our own shop.

Both rig bags are available to order on the shop. Click here to take a look at the DF65 and DF95 rig bags.