DF95 Sails & Stuff

So here we are in March 2016 and the world has just seen the DF95 hit the shelves in model shops and specialist retailers all over the globe. We are set to complete delivery our pre orders over the next few days and we will have some boats left over so should you require a boat then please get in touch and we can supply.


We have built our own DF95 today (8th March) and including having a cup of tea we took around two hours from opening the box to getting the boat on the water, the instructions are very well written and easy to understand, take the time to read them and you’ll not go too far wrong.


Our own DF95 on its maiden

I’m not sure that there is any real need to add too much more detail to this page other than to let you all know that we will be stocking boats and rig kits initially as well as making sails for the boats, although the stock sails are really good to get going with if you want to get on the water straight off.


We will be leaving spare parts supply to our friends at RC Yachts for the time being as they are better equipped to deal with this element of the supply chain whilst we concentrate on supplying sails and sticker sets which are both in the pipeline as we write.


Initial pricing will be for the DF95, to include A rig and sails in 50micron mylar film, supplied flat in the box, boat electrics all installed, carbon fibre keel fin, alloy ballast and a whole heap of other good stuff. The keel and ballast along with the rig are pretty much the only things that will need to be constructed out of the box. Please find the rigging instructions here  – DF95 Rigging Instructions v1.0 (spreads)

Priced at £295.00 plus p&p.

The initial batch of boats will be coming to us without radio gear, but if required we can offer some great radio sets that we know and love and have used ourselves over time.

In terms of quality, the DF95 is a step up from the DF65. Whilst the DF65 was brought into being a little faster than John Tushingham would have liked, the DF95 has been sorted right from the off to be a great out of the box product which has lots of little natty details to make life easier for both novice and experienced skippers and the attention to detail has certainly made us smile.

If you need any more info then please get in touch using the contact page.