IOM Sails

Well we’re finally there. We’ve been on a bit of a journey since we first decided to add IOM sails to our lineup. The journey started, as many do, by someone asking us if we could. Initially I said no as I was keen to make sure that we got them right straight out of the traps. Since we made the decision to throw our hat in the rig back in 2018 we have been drawing, making, testing and evolving what we’re doing to get to the present day.

So to 2021 and we’ve got to a stage where we are happy with where we are at, which is three suits of sails that have been through the process and are now ready to be sent worldwide for IOM skippers to enjoy, and here at Soch Sails we are pretty proud of that.

Early Soch Sails IOM Sails. Picture – Mr Tushy

We’ve been using our own Soch Sails at IOM events and in all conditions since 2018 and we have been pleased with the results, we’ve also had a couple of top skippers use our sails too and they have been very complimentary about the finish and usefulness of our sails. Our last outing in October 2020 saw us neck and neck with the same design boat raced by a top UK skipper and whilst only a club event it was a good test of what our sails can do.

We are pretty happy with the shapes we are making and they set well when rigged up at the pond and perform as well as they look. One thing you’ll have come to expect from us here at Soch Sails is that we have certainly learned how to finish a suit of sails well with over 1200 suits of DF sails leaving the workshop in 2020.

So what are we offering you?

Well, we can offer you a suit of Soch Sails IOM sails built from our stock of mylar films with our standard builds being 50 micron for the No1 suit and 75 micron film for the No2 and No3 suits. Our standard build includes the following.

Finger patches to all corners of both main and jib with extra local reinforcement where required.

Luff tape to jib luff with multi strand stainless steel jib wire installed.

Luff pocket on mainsail to accept a multi strand stainless steel jackline which we will install.

Fibreglass battens on mainsail to comply with class rules. Batten ends have reinforcment patches to suit.

Luff tie area on mainsail includes suitable reinforcement.

Nickel plated brass eyelets at tack, clew and head of both main and jib.

Class logo applied

Choice of luff tape and finger patch colours.

Options to have numbers and country codes installed during the build.

If you’d like to find out more then please head over to our online shop and head for the IOM Sail collection by clicking here.