I Remembered!

So our last post saw us getting ready for the RC Laser Nationals at Fleetwood. We went up on the Friday and had a bit of a play with the boat, making sure it was all ready to go on the Saturday morning. Briefing done I watched the first seeding race and then went and won my seeding race, not a bad start having not sailed since the beginning of June.

We had a great breeze all day, not quite straight down the lake, but pretty good and I finished the day in fourth spot, not quite what I’d expected. A bottle of rum later and Sunday morning rolled round with a better breeze down the lake but it was due to change around lunchtime. Another couple of good races and a poor one saw me finish the event in the chocolates in third spot. I’ll take that!

Our stock of RC Laser goodies has stabilised in recent months and we can now confidently order and stock all boat, rig and related items. We are well stocked with boat electronics too with plenty of Hitec winches and servos. If you need it, we’ll probably have it and if we don’t we’ll get it within two weeks!


RC Laser winches and servos, we’ve got them!

Since I’ve been back it’s been as busy as ever, the boatyard is heading towards winter shutdown mode with just this weekend left before we get to have a lie in on a Saturday and Sunday! Soch Sails are flying out of the door and heading all over the world. We are also currently fulfilling three trade orders to Sweden, Denmark and our good friends at RC Yachts, so you’ll be able to buy our goodies direct from your local supplier perhaps.

Order to fulfillment is currently running at a couple of days and shipping times seem to be pretty good worldwide with Australia and NZ taking a little over a week.

One note on ordering, when you place an order with us please please check your shipping address is correct. We have had a couple of instances recently where we have shipped orders and had people mail us to let us know that the shipping address is incorrect, which is a little too late for us to correct the address. When we produce our shipping labels we simply copy and paste the shipping address details that you provide onto the labels. We have, just today, had a tube returned to us from Australia which was incorrectly addressed. I was pretty pleased that it made it from the UK to Oz in 8 days but it has taken nearly two weeks to make it back to base!

Once we’ve completed the three trade orders we will be having a sticker sort out which should result in a new section on the website entitled “Clearance”, this new section will also include a few other bits and bobs that you guys can pick up cheaper than our usual retail pricing.

Thanks again for continuing to choose Soch Sails to power your DF racing yachts.

The shop is open 24/7 for you to place an order, check it out by clicking here.

Please find some of our recent work below.

DF95 Sails

DF65 Sails


Time to go yachting!

Ok, so we had a break in mid August, another quick bit of family time at the front end of September and now we are getting towards the back half of September and it’s time to go yachting.

This weekend sees the 2019 RC Laser Nationals up at Fleetwood, having not sailed one for a good year or so I figured it would be a good giggle to pop along and see if I can remember how to sail after a break of nearly three and a half months due to a number of factors.


Strip down and rebuild before the Nationals.

So we are packing the van and heading off either tomorrow or Friday for a bit of practice and a catch up with some good friends, a bit of social and of course some great racing. 32 skippers appear on the entry list so far with a good mix of past and present champions, a few foreign visitors and a UK entry from all corners. I’m pretty sure the welcome at Fleetwood will be as warm as ever and the breeze will be straight up and down the lake as it always is when we visit!

We’ll be travelling with a van full of RC Laser goodies so should you have any breakages over the event we can keep you on the racecourse, from a spare keel to a mast, from a servo to a set of rudder linkages, we’ll have it all on board as well as a selection of shiny new sails should you need them.

In other news we have been super busy recently (as usual it seems) and we have been sending sails, rig bags, sticker sets and RC Laser spares all over the UK and indeed the world. New Zealand seems to have new fleets of both DF65 and DF95 and we are sending lots of sails in that direction.

We’ve found a good RC Laser battery charger recently that we’ve been using, its a great plug and play one and it does all it says on the tin without breaking the bank. We’ve sourced a deans to bec connector as well so it integrates seamlessly with the battery upgrade packs that we supply. Check it out along with our other RC Laser products here.


Keeping your racing charged up!

Current production time is pretty quick and certainly less than a week for anything we currently offer. Shipping times are currently good too with goodies reaching Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand in around 10 – 12 days, customs dependent obviously.

We’ll commence production again on Monday 23rd September when we have recovered from the RC Laser Nationals…….if we can remember how to sail the boat!! As usual the shop is open 24/7 to take your order and remember if you can’t see what you want then please drop us a mail and we’ll try hard to make it happen for you.

Chances are we’ll be having a fire sale on our stock sticker sets as the drawers need a clearout, so if you are thinking of buying one of our sticker sets then hang fire, we might just have a deal for you in the next week or two. We also have a couple of new product launches coming over the next few weeks, we’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime check out a small selection of our recent sail builds.

A little downtime

So we’ve had a really hectic couple of months with the boatyard being super busy and our Soch Sails business keeping us rather busy too. We’ve had a couple of pretty cool projects to go at too, one of which was making some sails for the Sail GP guys who wanted a fleet of replica Sail GP cats to take to each venue with them.

Sail GP in miniature!

Our trade side has been busy too with several hefty orders for our goodies from all over the world. Retail has been great too, our RC Laser delivery back in June is quickly disappearing and we’ll need to restock that before too long, but we do have everything from a new boat to a servo arm in stock.

I’ve not been sailing for a couple of months, I figure I’ll probably remember how to do it when I need to next. It’s a little bit annoying to have missed two of the DF Racing TT events but hopefully I can find a little time in September to go to Holland.

With summer holidays in full swing I have decided that I need a little bit of a rest having worked solidly for the last 70 odd days so we are having a family trip away for a few days. A trip over to Yorkshire until Friday is on the cards, we are leaving tomorrow morning (Sunday) and we’ll be back in the workshop on Friday sometime.

As such we will not be sending any orders out until Friday 16th August at the earliest.  If you need sometime from us urgently please check out the RC Yachts website who have stock of all our sails and sticker sets as well as some more of our goodies.

The shop will be open in the meantime to take any orders.

RC Laser Stock Update


So we’ve got some good news about our RC Laser stock, which has been a little low recently. We have had confirmation that our order will ship this week and be with us early next.

This will restock all our RC Laser goodies including boats, carry bags, sails and almost all of our stock spare parts. We’ll get all the parts up on the shop as soon as we can so that you can get bits ordered and they will be shipped out as soon as they arrive with us.

To check out the restocked RC Laser section of the shop clicky here.

Nationals Roundup

We’ve now completed both the DF95 and DF65 UK National Championships with varying degrees of success. The DF95 Nationals was held over a windless weekend in Eastbourne which was challenging to say the least. Much concentration later we drove home with a very nice tin pot for finishing second.

Last weekend saw the DF65 Nationals at Two Islands RYC in Milton Keynes. A great venue where I haven’t always had that much success to be honest. Still off we went and cracked open the racing with first day in A fleet, right up until I dropped to B fleet where it all went a little bit pooh bear. Having made a good start I was second at the top mark and as I sheeted out the winch had declared enough and packed up. I took a score of 36 from that race and found myself back in C fleet. With the winch changed I was back on it again and did the run from C to A fleet first time round and even had a decent result finishing seventh.

Sunday was another tough day where having your rigs set up and ready to go was a real blessing. Unfortunately I had an A rig that had been on the boat once in 2 years and a completely untested B rig. As well as having well set up rigs you also needed to change up or down at the right time, something I was ok with.

Having stayed up in A fleet all day (albeit towards the back end of it) I was yachting to the start for the penultimate race of the weekend when the rudder servo went pop, luckily I was able to get to shore and had some time to replace it before the start of the final race in B fleet. Having recovered to A fleet I took a sixth spot finish in the race and finished the weekend in 12th spot, which was kind of ok I guess given the mechanical issues.

So what next? I’ll miss the RG TT at Watermead this weekend as it is just too far to travel in a day so I guess I have a couple of weekends off before the DF TT lands on the moors at Ilkley, somewhere I enjoy sailing. Then it’s down to Dartmoor if I can find the time in the middle of August, another very cool venue but it is a genuine seven hours in the van.

We’ll catch you pondside sometime soon.

Off we go again!


199 looking sporty on the run – Photo Dave Pickett.

So Thursday lunchtime, race truck packed and we’re away to the DF65 Nationals at Two Islands RYC in Milton Keynes. The weather looks pretty good, warm and possibly windy on Sunday. 52 skippers, lets see how we get on.

We did ok at the recent DF95 Nationals and scored a second spot finish on Sunday afternoon and if it hadn’t have been for Tushy and his lucky shorts we might have gone one better! Still, we had an awesome weekend of racing right up until the last metre of the last race when my rudder servo crapped out during a tack and left me going around in circles whilst the fleet finished!!

We haven’t raced since as we have been busy here at the yard producing sails and doing “real” boat stuff so we’re off a day early to get some tune into the DF65 and also have a race with some of the TIRYC club members tomorrow morning with the DF95.

Any orders placed today and over the weekend will get looked at on Monday when we get back.


Race Time

So when I logged on I was a little surprised that it was more than a month ago since I posted. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. So what have we been up to? Quite a bit as it happens, we’ve been to Birkenhead racing, twice, once with the DF’s and once with the RG’s. Both events were great fun, the DF65 Saturday was trial by crazy weather and it proved a little too much for setting up a brand new C rig on a brand new boat and I was happy with the 8th place finish. The Sunday was a much nicer day and a fifth place finish was just fine.


New rig for Birkenhead, a difficult tuning day!

The RG had it’s second outing having had a rudder swap and a bit of fettling, I must also get a proper swing rig sorted which might improve the light airs performance. The wind built throughout the day and I was pleased to finish the day having not spent too much time upside down and in 6th place. The more I sail the RG the more I’m learning about how to develop the boat.

So we have spent this week producing a monster order for our good friends at RC Yachts which has had a bit of an impact on our orders. We prepped the race truck this morning and will be leaving for Eastbourne tomorrow, Thursday, collecting Chuck from Heathrow on the way down. We’ll be lakeside at Princes Park on Friday for a bit of practice and with a bumper entry of 60 skippers I think it might be a case of getting some good results banked early on before the wind drops out completely.


Race truck prep!

As such we’ll be away now until Monday morning when we’ll be back at the grindstone producing all the orders that we haven’t sorted this week. The shop will be open to take any order you care to place and I imagine by the end of next week we’ll have our backlog shifted……… Then we’ll be into prep for the DF65 Nationals at Two Islands RYC over the weekend of 1st and 2nd June.