Are we crazy?……probably!

Evening folks, we’ve never really been able to compete with the box movers in the model world however we think we have nailed a unique selling point that might make you think about buying a new DF65 from us.

We’ve got a box of four shiny new DF65’s, the latest model of course, and because it’s not far off Christmas we thought we should offer you a bit of a special deal…….so here it is,

Buy the boat inc radio for £154.00 and get a Soch Sails A suit in your colours along with a half length sticker set for free.

So to recap, spend £154.00, get £40.00 of free stuff, no catches, its a simple as that.

And because it’s nearly Crimbo we’ll ship it to anywhere in the UK for free. Discount code is on the product page.

Click the link here and buy one right now!

This offer is only open to UK customers, for you guys abroad we’ll have something for you in a week or two.

Just in case you need reminding what you’ll get, here’s a picture.


Pick your own colours for sails and stickers, we’ll do the rest!

Shipping News – Good & Not so Good

Morning Folks, another great day here, lots going on, weather not great but hey ho, could be worse.  Some reasonably serious news this morning involving shipping costs for the goodies that you buy from our shop.

We have always had great faith in our own Royal Mail service, something that doesn’t change, our UK parcels always seem to arrive within 24 – 48 hours, even to remote destinations like Shetland, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

However over the last couple of months we have seen an increasing number of overseas parcels going missing, which is something that we find rather annoying as it then requires us to remake the order and resend it at our cost. Perhaps it is our own fault for not sending parcels on a tracked and signed service, however up until now we haven’t seen it as a necessity. We now find ourselves in a situation where we feel that it is sensible to only send overseas shipments using tracked and signed services thus giving you guys some extra peace of mind when you place an order with us.


Once shipped you will be sent confirmation along with a tracking number to allow you to keep a beady eye on where your parcel is. When it arrives with you there may be a requirement for a signature.

Hopefully this will alleviate the problems we have had recently and whilst we appreciate it is an increased cost for you, it is also an increased cost for us and we feel that we must, unfortunately pass this cost on which we hope you can understand from a customer service point of view. Check out the details on the Ordering page

Thursday’s child has far to go, I sure do!

I’m not sure if I was born on a Thursday or not, but today is Thursday and judging by my performance at last weekends DF95 Nationals I really do have far to go! Having finally thawed out and caught up on some orders I’m sat in front of a roaring fire with five minutes to spare so I thought I’d tell you about last weekend…..

After a six hour slog across the country on Friday afternoon I arrived at the lake to find that practice was over and I was late for the pub, never a great start. Van prepped for the after pub slumber I promptly started consumption of Stongbow’s finest “Dark Fruit” cider at a rate on knots. By closing time there was concern about the following evenings supply of both red wine and cider, with orders for both lodged with the landlady.

Saturday dawned to a breezy and chilly outlook and with breakfast taken care of at the lakeside the 34 competitors lined up for a photo to capture the mood at this historic event.


Photo by Sue Brown

The first race of the first ever DF95 Nationals and blammo, the very spangly GBR 99 took the win, could this be the amazing event I had dreamed of the night before in a cider infused sleep?……… it wasn’t.  By mid afternoon I was cold, unable to trim my rig and I couldn’t for the life of me overstand or even lay the windward mark.


Photo by Sue Brown

Finishing the day in 17th I exited stage left and began another cider related evening which I figured couldn’t hurt too much. After a  lot of food I had to admit defeat at 2130 and retired to the van for some cheese related dreams. I dreamt that it got really cold and all the air went out of the airbed…wait….it wasn’t a dream and I awoke from under my 13.5 tog duvet to some serious frost on the ground, however more importantly there was rain forecast to accompany the now biting wind.

My day started much the same as I left off on Saturday but colder. Towards the end I managed to win another A fleet race but after that my talent had clearly gone back to the van to warm up and I languished in the midfleet for the rest of the day.

At the end of the event I recorded a “must try harder” 15th from 34 competitors, which was just above mid fleet but it could have been so different. More time on the water was the outcome of the four hour de brief on the journey home.

Despite my own result I had an epic weekend, catching up with some now really great friends as well as making new ones who we’ll catch up with again before too long. The venue at Lincoln MYC is superb, with Mick, Darin and the team continuing to improve the facility at Scotland Farm. Thanks to everyone who made the event happen, giving up their own event to help make ours better.

The full results are available on the DF Racing website and there are a whole heap more of Sue Browns excellent photos available here.

As usual the shop is ready to take your order for DF and RC Laser related goodies. We will have some RC Laser news next week, unfortunately not all good, with the supply of some items a little on the thin side until the new year.

DF95 Nationals here we come!

So we’ve been beavering away and got ourselves into a position where we have completed enough work to earn ourselves a couple of days away racing. Luckily there is a nice event this weekend at Lincoln MYC who are hosting the DF95 Nationals.

The wind looks like playing ball for this event and it may well blow its conkers off. So the van is nearly packed, got some food, got some beer, got a boat but still need to make and rig a C and D rig for the event which I’ll do tomorrow.

As such there will be no production until Monday morning when I get back, although the shop will still allow you to place an order with us.

Good luck to all those competing this weekend, see you at the bar!

We’re back!

Just to let you know that we are back from our weekend away and are nearly caught up with our outstanding orders again which will hopefully give us a bit of time for a Soch Sails special project early next week which we are looking forward to.

In the meantime here are a couple of photos of some goodies that we have sent out this week so far.

Remember if you need any DF  goodies please visit the shop

Production Updates

So we’ve had a busy few weeks with more orders from around the globe and lots of happy campers getting DF goodies in the post. We have pretty much cleared our orders and just thought we should let you know that we are now away for a couple of days to attend my sister’s wedding.

We’ll be back at it on Tuesday when we’ll crack on with any orders that come in over the next four days.  We probably won’t be answering the phone either but please leave a message.

In other news we are now getting some reliable production of our DF rig bags sorted and the DF65 rig bag is back on the shop for you to purchase and it will be followed next week by the DF95 rig bag which will be back in stock.

Other than that we are plodding on nicely towards the winter months and we are currently trialing some new laminates for both DF65 sails and DF95 sails…we’ll update you as soon as we have something to show you!


DF Rig Bags – Back soon for your buying pleasure!

I’ve Forgotten to do an Update…Sorry!

Evening All, I’ve just checked the website and realised that it has been almost a month since I last let you know where we are up to. In fact it was just before the IOM Nationals when we posted our last update.

So lets start there shall we, I collected my finished Vision IOM on Friday afternoon and did some last minute race tuning with the No.2 rig up at Weecher with John Tushingham and Phil Playle and was pleased with my new steed. Over the course of the three day event I managed a brief visit to A fleet but spent most of my time in B and C fleets which, for my first IOM event of 2016 and with an out of the box boat, I was pretty pleased with. Overall I was 30th which is top half of the fleet. More IOM sailing required over the winter months I think.


There were some who didn’t reckon my colour choice was correct, I reckon it’s great!

We then came home to another raft of orders which have kept us busy until now really. More orders have gone out to all corners of the globe to lots of happy customers, from deck patch sets to DF65 sails, and sticker sets to rig bags we’ve sent it all on its way! Our online shop has been open now for a year and to celebrate we reckon we might run a competition in October, keep your eyes peeled for more details.

Some of this months sails

Some stickers too!

We haven’t done much sailing since the IOM Nationals until yesterday when we took a trip up to Fleetwood with the DF95 squad. Having not had the boat on the water since June sometime I wasn’t expecting much but it seemed that I had my trim there or thereabouts for most of the day and recorded a third place finish after 14 races which was pretty cool. img_1536

Timtanic Too looking good.

I think that brings you just about up to date, looking ahead we are approaching the winter months and perhaps you need a C suit for your DF65 or even a C & D suits for your DF95, if this is the case please remember to order early and you’ll have your sails well in advance of any hairy weather!

We are off out to the USA to compete in the DF65 and DF95 National Championship Regattas for ten days towards the end of October and then we’ll need some sleep before the UK Nationals on the first weekend of November. There will be a two week period where there will be no production happening…please be aware!

If you need anything in the meantime, you know where to look! –