We’re back!

Just to let you know that we are back from our weekend away and are nearly caught up with our outstanding orders again which will hopefully give us a bit of time for a Soch Sails special project early next week which we are looking forward to.

In the meantime here are a couple of photos of some goodies that we have sent out this week so far.

Remember if you need any DF  goodies please visit the shop

Production Updates

So we’ve had a busy few weeks with more orders from around the globe and lots of happy campers getting DF goodies in the post. We have pretty much cleared our orders and just thought we should let you know that we are now away for a couple of days to attend my sister’s wedding.

We’ll be back at it on Tuesday when we’ll crack on with any orders that come in over the next four days.  We probably won’t be answering the phone either but please leave a message.

In other news we are now getting some reliable production of our DF rig bags sorted and the DF65 rig bag is back on the shop for you to purchase and it will be followed next week by the DF95 rig bag which will be back in stock.

Other than that we are plodding on nicely towards the winter months and we are currently trialing some new laminates for both DF65 sails and DF95 sails…we’ll update you as soon as we have something to show you!


DF Rig Bags – Back soon for your buying pleasure!

I’ve Forgotten to do an Update…Sorry!

Evening All, I’ve just checked the website and realised that it has been almost a month since I last let you know where we are up to. In fact it was just before the IOM Nationals when we posted our last update.

So lets start there shall we, I collected my finished Vision IOM on Friday afternoon and did some last minute race tuning with the No.2 rig up at Weecher with John Tushingham and Phil Playle and was pleased with my new steed. Over the course of the three day event I managed a brief visit to A fleet but spent most of my time in B and C fleets which, for my first IOM event of 2016 and with an out of the box boat, I was pretty pleased with. Overall I was 30th which is top half of the fleet. More IOM sailing required over the winter months I think.


There were some who didn’t reckon my colour choice was correct, I reckon it’s great!

We then came home to another raft of orders which have kept us busy until now really. More orders have gone out to all corners of the globe to lots of happy customers, from deck patch sets to DF65 sails, and sticker sets to rig bags we’ve sent it all on its way! Our online shop has been open now for a year and to celebrate we reckon we might run a competition in October, keep your eyes peeled for more details.

Some of this months sails

Some stickers too!

We haven’t done much sailing since the IOM Nationals until yesterday when we took a trip up to Fleetwood with the DF95 squad. Having not had the boat on the water since June sometime I wasn’t expecting much but it seemed that I had my trim there or thereabouts for most of the day and recorded a third place finish after 14 races which was pretty cool. img_1536

Timtanic Too looking good.

I think that brings you just about up to date, looking ahead we are approaching the winter months and perhaps you need a C suit for your DF65 or even a C & D suits for your DF95, if this is the case please remember to order early and you’ll have your sails well in advance of any hairy weather!

We are off out to the USA to compete in the DF65 and DF95 National Championship Regattas for ten days towards the end of October and then we’ll need some sleep before the UK Nationals on the first weekend of November. There will be a two week period where there will be no production happening…please be aware!

If you need anything in the meantime, you know where to look! – www.sochsails.online

Just a Quickie

Just to let you know that we will be away for a few days. We are doing our first proper IOM event of 2016 this weekend which is the Nationals at West Kirby. Nothing like a proper race to shake down a new boat that we haven’t seen finished yet. A trip to Yorkshire to collect and tune the boat tomorrow should see us in good shape for Saturday morning.

Having said that it’s nice to go to an event with absolutely no expectation at all and just look forward to seeing some good friends, doing a bit of racing and having the odd beer or two.

This will mean that no orders will be processed between now and next Tuesday when we’ll get back into the swing of it.  The shop will still be there to take your orders should you wish to place one.

Have a great weekend whatever you are up to.

A Busy Month

So here we are looking at nearly a month since we last posted an update for you guys, so here it is!


We’ve been quieter this month than of late which has been useful as the boatyard has been super busy with the school holidays and I’ve had to split my time between the two sides of the business but hopefully the lead times for our customers has been satisfactory with sail orders being processed within two weeks or less.


Having said that we’ve produced lots of goodies for our friends at RC Yachts who stock most of our products too. So if you want a set of our sails with white luff and corners then check them out!

RC Laser stuff seems to have picked up lately with a good few orders going out. There is a possible supply hiccup on the horizon but we’ll keep you posted with that as it develops.

Other than that there isn’t much to tell, we’ve been out and about a bit, spending a weekend at Furzton Lake with DF95’s RG65’s and IOM’s which was fun. The DF95 racing wasn’t great for me with a couple of “issues”, the RG racing was superb fun, I used my Carbon ICE design (the grand daddy of the DF65) for the first time with a swing rig that I built and placed a very creditable 7th from 22 which was a really pleasing result. I need to spend a little more time with the boat and build some proper rigs for it and perhaps see about a proper campaign next season.

We were lucky enough to have Sue Brown on hand to take some photos of the event, I’m sail number 1, which was hastily applied 2 minutes before the start….

RG Furzton

Photo by Sue Brown

Speaking of which my IOM saw it’s first outing at Furzton in next to no breeze at all. Having spent all summer sailing small boats this was a bit of a shock as to how docile the IOM was, but she went well and even scored a first place and a few seconds during the morning sailing. It has been shipped back to Yorkshire for some finishing touches and I will collect it on Friday morning just in time for the UK Nationals at West Kirby over the weekend….no pressure then…..!

Next month we will have had the shop open for 12 months and we might just run an amusing competition to celebrate.

As always if you need anything then just drop us a mail or drop an order through the shop. 

A couple of updates

So we’ve seen our busy spell draw to a close and we are back to lead times of around a week or less for sail orders which is great news for you guys. We’ve had a couple of email issues lately where the Jobs, Gates & Norton interface on the old laptop has ceased to work correctly leading to lots of emails that were once deemed suitable ending up in the auto deleting spam folder unbeknown to us!  If you’ve sent us a mail in the last month to six weeks and you haven’t had a reply then the chances are this is what has happened!

We have addressed the issue by buying a new computer which seems to be working quite well now.


There have been a few incidences lately whereby people have struggled to release the vinyl sticker sets from the backing paper when attempting to apply their shiny new sticker sets. We have updated our sticker set application instructions and have added some handy tips to get it right first time, check out the sticker set page.

We returned from the Nationals with a  9th place finish, not bad considering the amount of sailing that we haven’t done again this season. Soch Sails powered boats faired well with a third place finish, along with an 8th, 9th and 10th and with a further 4 boats being powered by our sails we made up one fifth of the fleet which we are really stoked about.

Production of sail bags for both the DF65 and DF95 is underway again and we should have stock of both bags by the middle of this coming week.

In the meantime if you need anything please visit the shop at http://www.sochsails.online


More Busy Times

So we’ve been busy again doing all sorts of exciting things over the last few weeks. Tim took a trip to Lytham St Annes where he raced his RC Laser (badly) and recorded a mid fleet finish (5th from 12) and came home all hot and bothered and had to spend Monday having a lie down before getting back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday before leaving for some family time in Yorkshire celebrating his mum’s 70th Birthday over the weekend.

Monday saw us travel back to base and endure a journey which should take around 3.5 hours but took more like 5.5. Still, on the plus side we arrived home, unlike some other unlucky people.

So we’ve been catching up today and have melted our orders from a hefty 35 down to 15, hopefully we can get that number down some more tomorrow before we have another break and celebrate our daughter Phoebe’s 3rd birthday on Thursday before packing up the van again on Friday for the DF65 Nationals up in Fleetwood over the weekend where my Sunday performance will be directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed on the Saturday evening…….

In other news we have had to temporarily stop production of our laminate range of sails, for no other reason that we have run out of material and our suppliers don’t currently have any more in stock. As soon as we get our sweaty mitts on some we’ll let you know!

As of next Tuesday we will be back in full production mode and should have our backlog of current orders completed and shipped by the end of the week.

DF65 and 95 sailbags are currently in production but our local big boat sail maker is currently off racing his full size Dragon in the Edinburgh Cup which is being held locally this year, he will be disciplined when he returns and we should have some more sailbags for you guys soon enough. Apologies for the delay on this one.

For all our other goodies please check out the shop http://www.sochsails.online