Holiday Time!

So those that follow our social media activity will no doubt have seen that we’ve had a few early bird mornings this week, and for good reason.  We have crammed two weeks work into a week and will be on holiday from tomorrow morning onwards.

Any orders placed with the shop from now will not be looked at until Tuesday the 16th May at the earliest.

Any orders that were placed up until this morning have been fulfilled so we are going away with a clear order book. It has taken some doing but we’ve made it!

We will have email where we are but will not be checking it with any sort of regularity I shouldn’t have thought.

If you need any of our products whilst we are away Mike Weston at RC Yachts has stock of most of our products and can ship them out to you quickly if you are in a rush.


I’m off to load the van and pack the family. Over and out.

A Little More Time

So having had a mad busy March and a suitably busy April so far we have begun to find a little more time to sort out some housekeeping and we have updated the website a little bit. Nothing groundbreaking, just a few new pictures and a couple of update on our products.

We have also added a couple of V6 H&D sticker sets to the shop which are seconds for want of a a better word. They have some imperfections in the vinyl which means we can’t sell them as first quality. They are suitable cheap and when they are gone they are gone!

It’s been a month….have you missed me?

Afternoon all, so as the title suggests it has been exactly a month since we last posted. Lots has been happening since we last updated you on what we are doing here at Soch Sails HQ. We’ve done a bit of sailing but not much, we’ve invested in some new technology which has made some of our production a little easier and we’ve manufactured and sent out lots and lots and lots of Soch Sails goodies to all corners of the globe as well as chewing through two of our largest trade orders to date. Oh and we’ve also dealt with the Boatyard opening for the 2017 season. You might say we’ve had a bit on but I think we’ve got the measure of it.

Lets start with the sailing, which lets be honest is why we do this. Our last event was up at Fleetwood where we had two really good days of competition. The weather was superb although the wind wasn’t amazing it provided challenges for all involved and kept everyone on their toes right up until the debrief at The Mount each evening. We finished a very creditable 7th with the DF65 and 5th with the DF95 which we were more than happy with. The weekend after was the Eastbourne event which we didn’t travel to as it was looking like a 14 hour round trip in the van.


Fleetwood fun – Photo S Sharman

The scores have been updated and we are currently third in the standings out of the 81 skippers that have had a go over the four weekends. We are pretty stoked at this however I reckon with a couple of dropped events we’ll hopefully finish the season somewhere in the top ten!

Our new technology has involved us investing in a new plotter to speed up production of our sticker sets. It is a serious bit of kit that comes factory set to 11 in terms of speed. We have had to turn it down a little so that we can keep up with what it produces. In making this investment we have also had to change the software we have been using which has meant some transferring and re designing of some of our goodies. The main update has been to the DF95 sticker sets which now follow that same ethos as the DF65 V6 sticker sets and have a more tailored shape around the keelbox and foredeck areas as well as now having the deck edge sticker as part of the set.

We are currently churning out sticker sets for our buddies at RC Yachts here in the UK and Dragon Sailing North America who will be taking delivery of V6 sticker sets and DF95 sticker sets along with lots and lots of deck patches for both boats in the next couple of weeks. Mike at RC Yachts will also be getting a restock of the new V6 sticker sets as well as patches and sails.

As well as all of the above we have been fulfilling orders left right and centre with March being our busiest ever month since we started. So huge thanks to all those of you who have had the faith in us to purchase some of what we do and we hope that you like it enough to come back and buy some more when you need to.

As usual there are a couple of photos below of some of our recent work including our A+ suits. Enjoy!



Getting there…..sort of!

So we have been a little overwhelmed by the response to the launch of our new DF65 V6 sticker sets and we’ve shipped quite a few sets all over the globe including a set out to Indonesia of all places. It seems that the DF65 is getting to the parts others have failed to reach!

Stealth carbon DF65 V6 sticker set…nice!

We’ve also had a super busy month with DF sails generally and are running a little behind with our A+ orders, all of which should be cleared by this time next week if not before.

Stealth DF65 A suit

Despite being very busy with DF65 and DF95 sails, stickers and other goodies we have also found time to build, rig and commission a handful of RC Lasers which we’ve shipped around the country along with several orders for spares and sails. 

As if this wasn’t keeping us busy enough it’s that time of year when we get all our big boats back down to the boatyard for the season which starts at the weekend. Apparently the sun might be out which would be nice however I’m off to Fleetwood on Friday morning for rounds 5 and 6 of the DF Racing UK TT series which may also enjoy the predicted sunshine.

As such we will be finishing work on Thursday evening and will not be back aboard HMS Treehouse again until Monday morning. Once back we will be in residence at the boatyard until well after Easter.

If you need to place an order please head over to the shop by clicking here.

Check out some photos of this weeks work so far below, hopefully we’ll have some A+ photos next week!

DF65 V6 Sticker Sets, available….Now!

So it’s taken a little longer than we had hoped and we’ve drunk our way through a whole heap of tea and coffee but here we are with a set of products that we hope you’ll really enjoy.

The sets come in three options, all being nine piece sets which make them our most comprehensive sticker sets to date and we have completely redesigned the V6 sets with all 9 stickers being completely unique to the DF65 Version 6 sticker sets.

Each set comprises of a half length deck sticker, a single use vinyl hatch cover patch, three piece transom set, two hull stickers and to stickers to fill in the strake between hull and deck. We are pretty sure we’ve got it covered!

We have a half length sticker set which has all the deck and strake stickers included but just has a half length hull sticker to blend into the original kit supplied graphic.

We also offer a similar set but with a full length set of hull stickers and then we have our third option which has a sail number or name on the hull sticker. Unfortunately due to the new deck arrangement we cannot offer a sticker set with a sail number on the deck set, there just isn’t enough space to put it on there.

Despite appearances there is no need to remove anything from the deck to install the sticker set other than unclipping the elastic from the front eye. We have applied four sets today and we have it down to around 7.5 minutes which was for the green set pictured above which we applied whilst on the phone to someone!

As usual the stickers will come to you in a cardboard tube with a useful guide on how to apply them successfully.

For more details visit the shop by clicking here.



A+ Sails Available to Order

Morning Folks, so just before we set off on a 600 mile weekend of racing our Df65 and DF95 we thought we should get our new DF65 A+ sails up on the shop so that you guys could get them ordered over the weekend.

A+ rig

Whilst there will continue to be much debate over the new rig the thinking behind it is sound and it will allow much more racing at lighter wind venues where the compromises of the production nature of the DF65 becomes more apparent.

Production will start on Wednesday after we have sorted out our plans for the sails, they will be of 36 micron film which is well suited to the sort of light wind that the rig should be used in.

Luff and corner colours can be chosen as with all our other sails and you can choose to have the sail with or without numbers.

For more information please click here.

We are still engineering the new V6 hull and deck sticker sets, they are taking a little longer than expected due to our current workload but rest assured when they are ready they will look great!


Updates, Updates, Updates!!

We’ve had a busy old time recently, having spent a weekend racing at West Lancs  mid month for the first of the 2017 DF Racing TT series we returned with a big grin and were pleased that we’d remembered how to sail the DF boats.

We also returned to a bucketful of orders for sails & stickers to places far and wide which have kept us busy for a while as well as producing lots of goodies for our friends at RC Yachts in amongst our own orders.

We are now being asked about the A+ sails for the DF65, we will be producing these, in the near future and we will be offering a pre order service to enable you to place an order ahead of time.

The A+ sails will form part of the new DF65 rules which will appear soon after the V6 boat is available here in the UK, the V6 will also call for a redesign of our hull & deck sticker sets which will take a couple of days once we get our hands on a boat, sometime soon we hope! The stickers we currently offer will not fit the V6 boats.

We are also pleased to announce that we have a restocking order of RC Laser boats and parts which are due with us within the next few days, this is a little later than we had hoped for and we should be able to fulfill any  and all outstanding RC Laser orders within the next 7 days.

We are at the Dinghy Show this coming weekend, 4th & 5th March at Ally Palace in London Village, we’ll be manning the DF Racing stand, (C47 Great Hall) where we will be promoting the two DF Racing classes to the wider dinghy sailing public, if you’re there pop along and say “hi”.

Following that we have a short week as we are having a “holiday” from Thursday 9th March until Tuesday 14th March and we’ll be relaxing in a cottage in Derbyshire for a day or two then racing at Chipstead and Coalhouse Fort in the DF Racing TT series which we are looking forward to.

And finally!, having sent out orders it is always nice to hear from happy customers who are enjoying our products, so here are a couple from the “Owners Gallery!”

p1960532 p1960320 p1960302

A fresh fleet of DF65’s enjoying the weather in Miami FL all 21 boats in the fleet have Soch Sails and sticker sets!


DF95 Down Under


UK based stickers and sails

As well as all these great images that we have been sent we have also grabbed some photos of sails we have shipped out recently, here are a selection below.


DF95 full hit


DF95 A, B & C

img_2263 img_2311 img_2297

DF65 sails including a “stealth” A suit

As always, the shop is open to take your order and we’ll process any orders we get as quickly as we can. Sails are running at less than a week currently and sticker sets, numbers and RC Laser parts are usually sent same day.