Still Busy

So we haven’t made as much progress with our big order as I’d hoped over the last month due to a number of dull and boring factors that I won’t bore you with. As a consequence of the boatyard now being very busy, losing a member of staff at a key time for us and the fact that I’m working 12 – 14 hour days I have decided to leave the shop closed for new sail orders until at least September when I might be able to get a bit more of a straight edge.

Apologies for the inconvenience.




Saving two engines deserves a celebratory margarita !

Afternoon folks, I hope you are well and enjoying life. I’m having a busy time currently and have a number of key staff members out of the game with Covid. This has meant I have had to put my boatyard hat firmly on and have been spending the last few days doing boatyard stuff. This has taken my eye away from Soch Sails which has also been a busy business of late.

I’m pretty much up to date with all of our orders but I do have a trade order which appeared last week which is a lovely thing to have. The order is for 90 suits of sails which is pretty much our usual monthly output and about all I can manage when combined with our big boatyard business which will start to busy up massively as the school holidays kick in.

With all of the above in mind I have taken the decision to remove all sails apart from our IOM sails from our online catalogue. This should give me the breathing space to fulfill the largest trade order we have had to date without the added pressures of keeping our customer lead times as short as they usually are.

We haven’t shut the shop, it’s still there and you can order any other items you might need including rig kits, sticker sets, deck patches and anything else we have in stock. As soon as I have completed the big order I will put our sails back online and you’ll be able to purchase them once again. Hopefully this will be before the end of the month

Thanks for your understanding at this busy time.

Remember that the shop is still open for everything other than sails.



Short Week

It’s Tuesday afternoon, the sun is shining and my week is pretty much done. I’m heading off for a few days away with Mrs Boatyard, something we haven’t done for over four years for various reasons. We are off to Birmingham for a concert on Thursday evening which will be a nice break from all things boaty!

The big boatyard has been steady, the weather hasn’t yet really gotten any warmer than it was in April which is making it cold on the water, not ideal really. Soch Sails is as busy as ever with more than seventy orders already dealt with this month alone for everything from an RC Laser deck fitting to a full hit of our IOM sails

I’ve managed to get everything bar one order out the door and on it’s way this afternoon.

I’ll be back at the weekend and will start looking at new orders at the front end of next week.

As usual the shop is ready to take your orders. Shipping seems pretty good to all locations at the moment which is good news all round.

Jubilee Weekend and Orders

A boating god in a legend of a boat!

Here in the UK we are about to embark on arguably the largest celebration afforded to any monarch in recent times. I’ve known no other monarch other than Her Majesty, in fact many of you won’t have known another either. Anyhow, it seems that the weather is set to be good enough for some big boating action so I’ll be busy with the yard until Monday.

I’ve managed to ship a good few orders over the last two days, however if you haven’t received a shipping notification this afternoon then I’m afraid that your order will not be shipped until Monday at the earliest. If the weather turns and we aren’t mobbed then perhaps I’ll get a bit done over the weekend.

It’s been a strange start to the big boat season, it’s been cold and windy for most of the spring, fingers crossed that it pushes the great weather a little further on into August and September.

Soch Sails has continued to keep me busy with some big trade orders heading out over the month of May as well as another hundred or so retail orders that have been taken care of over the same period. So if you have emailed or called and I’ve not yet got back to you it’s not because I don’t want to talk to you, it’s because Soch Sails runs alongside my boatyard business, both of which are pretty busy.

Orders continue to come in from all over the world for our DF65 sails and DF95 sails as well as our IOM sails which are becoming a good chunk of our manufacturing time. We have reasonable stocks of RC Laser boats, sails, parts and spares which is good, we’ll more than likely be placing an onward order in the next few weeks to ensure we continue to be well stocked.

I missed the latest UK TT event due to work commitments but I hear it was a typically well contested two days with some useful social slotted into the evenings. I will be making the trip down to Dartmoor later in June which I’m looking forward to. The venue is a crazy place up on the moors above Plymouth.

Other than that it’s business as usual, the shop is open 247 to take any order you have. Meantime please take a look at some of the sails we’ve manufactured recently.

Quick update

Always time for a beer in the garden

Nothing much to report, a mediocre weekend at Lincoln the other weekend, I still can’t seem to make my DF95 go as it should, I think a bit of practice might be in order. I’m well over Covid now, however it seems to have left all three of us rather tired. Whilst all our symptoms were mild it seems that Covid has left a lasting effect which seems to be hard to get rid of. Annoyingly my 10K training has ground to a halt because of this. Hey ho, next year. The big boatyard is coming back to life which is keeping me busy as well as the orders that keep dropping into the inbox for sails and accessories for DF65, DF95 and IOM yachts as well as a couple of RC Lasers recently.

Speaking of RC Lasers we will be having a restock of the shop over the weekend so things that are out of stock now might not be in a couple of days. We’ll also be placing another order with our suppliers early next week for a bunch of parts and sails.

We are back at work six or seven days a week now unless I’m away racing so orders are being manufactured sharpish now and dispatch is usually pretty quick. Shipping times around the world seem to be somewhere about normal, UK is a day or two, Europe is a week or two, Spain and Italy are a little longer, Australia and NZ are a couple of weeks with the USA being the longest at three to four weeks. I guess it is the sheer volume of stuff heading into the USA that slows it all down a bit.

Other than that we are plodding along nicely, no amazingly huge news, just everyday adventures doing what we love by the seaside. When you look at it like that it’s not too sad really…..if only the weather would come good…….

Remember that the shop is open 247 to take your order. Enjoy your Easter weekend and fair winds to you all! Check out a little of our recent work below.

Soch Sails Pricing

Like so many businesses in so many sectors we have seen unprecedented price increases over the last 12 – 18 months. These increases have been in raw materials, outsourced manufacturing labour, heat light and power costs as well as many other incidental increases that aren’t obviously apparent. Silver lining wise the cost of Yorkshire Gold tea has not risen significantly which means that we are still able to plod on.

With the above in mind we have made the tough decision to make a few small tweaks to our DF sail pricing and over the next week some of our accessory pricing. DF65 sails will now start from £33 per suit and DF95 sails will start from £45 per suit. We feel that this is a fair reflection of the current situation and we hope to be able to hold the new pricing for as long as we’ve been able to hang on to the current pricing which has been at the same level since our shop opened in September 2015.

Of course we’ll still be making our sails with the same care and attention to detail that we always have, and we will still be offering the same quick turnaround times that we always have so you’ll be assured of the same top notch products and service that you’ve come to expect from us here at Soch Sails.

New pricing will be effective as soon as the shop is updated sometime later this evening after a cup of Yorkshire Gold……

Racing & Extended Lead Times

Well folks, I hope you’re all in good health. Unfortunately it seems that after a weekend of racing and general mingling with people for the first time in a while I have picked up Covid. The rules in Wales say I need to self isolate for a bit until I get some negative tests then I’m good to go again.

With that in mind I’m not able to go to the post office this week at all and there will be no items heading out the door until early next week.

On the plus side I am able to work from the Soch Sails Skunkwerks based in the back garden of our estate. So, work is progressing on your orders and most of them will be shipped before the middle of next week.

Sorry about that, not much to be done I’m afraid.

The culprit seems to have been my trip to Gosport for the first two rounds of the UK DFTT series. An entirely fun weekend (apart from getting the plague) with some drinking, some racing and lots of catching up with friends both old and new.

Arriving Thursday evening with my co pilot we hit the bar early and had a strong finish when we were kicked out at closing time. Friday wasn’t the best of days weather wise but we had some fun club racing with the DF95 in B rig which was useful as I’d just built a fresh one.

It cleared up later on and we all found ourselves once again at the pub some faired better than others in the Friday night game.

Race day one was looking good with a mix of A and A+ on the 40 DF65’s that raced. I had a stellar day with 199 and took a well deserved third spot after nine races. The pub beckoned once again.

199 looking sporty – Photo Sue Brown

Race day two and the longest day for most of us as it includes a drive home. Time to start the qualifying process for the 2023 DF95 Globals. It seemed that right from the outset I had used up all my talent on Saturday and hadn’t left any for Sunday. At one point I was lying 29th out of the 57 skippers, not great, however I recovered to 16th at the end of the day’s racing which was as much as could hope for I think.

The drive home was pleasant and I’ve found a new dinner spot on the way home which is lovely.

Next stop is Lincoln in a couple of weeks where I can hopefully do a little better with the DF95.

As ever the shop is open 247 to take your order but if you place it between now and Friday please be aware it won’t leave until next week. For those who placed orders through the back half of last week and over the weekend the same applies, although some work did go out on Monday.

Check out some of our recent work below.

Workshop Closed

So, having worked a six day week in three days we have now seen all but two orders out the door and on their way to customers worldwide.

The workshop is now closed until at least Monday lunchtime as I’m away on various trips over the next four and a half days. I’ll keep you updated but please do not expect any orders to leave until Tuesday at the earliest if you place an order during this long weekend.

I’m sure there will be something to see on our Facebook page and perhaps Instagram too, follow @sochsailstimmy on insta.

Busy Times – Production Update.

IOM sails shipping out.

So, we are almost at the end of February, not sure where the month has gone but I’ve spent a lot of it in various workshops listening to some great tunes whilst manufacturing plenty of sails, building RC Laser boats and rigs and packing lots of orders for you guys.

Another productive evening in the Skunkwerks

The IOM sails we posted for sale last night sold within three hours and were numbered and shipped out to a UK skipper this afternoon. We are not far off being almost up to date with our customer orders which is the first time I’ve been able to say that since before Christmas. There are still plenty of trade orders to go at with over 60 rig bags on order and more than 75 suits of sails. There’s no peace for the wicked……

RC Lasers in build.

This post is a little heads up of our movements over the next few weeks so that you can perhaps save yourself a little money on postage.

This week we are closing the workshop on Wednesday evening so I can spend Thursday with Emily and Phoebe before heading South to the Dinghy Show at Farnborough where I’ll be running the activity pool with Mike Weston….how the hell do we end up getting roped into this stuff, I’ll never know but it’s always a giggle. Perhaps a bit late for sail manufacture but if you’re going to be there and need any accessories or RC Laser spares bringing down then please get in touch via the usual channels.

I’m back in the workshop for a week and a half before heading South once again to Gosport on the 11th March. I know there is a good fleet of RC Lasers at the club, if any of you guys want to place an order I can gladly bring it with me and drop it with you over that weekend. It could save some money on larger items like sails. Plenty of time to organise, again get in touch via the usual channels.

Shipping seems to be almost back to normal worldwide which is good, we are now shipping most days rather than once a week so orders are getting manufactured and shipped faster than they were a few weeks ago.

We’ve also had another delivery of DF rig bags and our ever popular transmitter covers, they are in the shop now, get them whilst you can! Clicky here to take a look.

Get it whilst it’s hot!

In stock now

We’ve got an opportunity to get yourself a No1 suit of our IOM sails which are in stock for next day shipping.

We’ve had a customer change his mind on the colour scheme for his sails so we now have this awesome suit of sails ready to ship to you.

Colour scheme as follows, dayglo yellow luffs on both main and jib, stainless luff wires installed and ready for you to terminate as required with crimps supplied. Black and dayglo yellow corner patches and trims. Class logo applied.

Sails look great and are ready to dangle from your rig

More details click here