Busy Busy

It’s been a busy time here at Soch Sails HQ over the last month or so, we’ve been out on the road a fair bit since Easter and have visited Fleetwood, Keighley and Lincoln (twice) for some great sailing and some nice social too.

Lincoln towards the end of March was my first outing with my IOM for nearly 18 months and I thought that a National ranking event was probably a good place to find my feet. Two days sailing saw me finish in the top half of the fleet on both days which I was more than happy with. After Easter there was a trip up to Fleetwood with my own first suit of IOM sails, it was a difficult day to say the least , with very little breeze and I was happy to finish the day third to two very well sorted boats.

The following week saw a trip up to Keighley for a race or two with a good friend who knows a thing or two about the Vision and also knows a fair bit about setting them up. I had lots of setup advice from John and finished the day second to him.

Last weekend saw a trip back to Lincoln for a weekend of sailing, Saturday saw the RG65 travellers series event and I was lucky enough to borrow a boat to race with and even won a few races but ultimately lacked consistency throughout the day and finished a very creditable fifth. Sunday was another IOM event and another chance to get some testing done in some top end of A rig breeze which was nice. I couldn’t live with the very well sailed Britpop of Chris Elliott and was stoked to finish second having had some sort of flying insect take up residence in my eye during the afternoon session.

Different days, different lakes, same boat!

I’m back on the road on Friday and up to Fleetwood for a DF Racing TT weekend which will be loads of fun for sure.

We’ve made lots of sails and sticker sets over the last few weeks too, and although it seems a little quieter than usual it seems that we are still doing great business all over the world with a great many happy customers sending us some lovely emails. The quieter time has allowed us to get on and update many of our sail product photos on the shop with up to date shots of what we are producing.

We have also added a different patch option for the DF95 which we can now offer as a cloth patch as well as a vinyl patch, you asked, so we got it sorted for you.

So, as usual if you need any DF Racing Yacht goodness please head over to the shop at www.sochsails.online and take a look at what we have to offer….and some shiny new pictures!


Rig Bags

Limited quantity of both DF65 and DF95 rig bags back in stock. More appearing soon.

Operation Cake Relocate a Success

Hurrah, we’ve done it! We have just completed our first full week of production in the new HQ and we are really pleased with the results of our efforts to make what we do a little bit easier and more efficient.

We left the story with the deck nearly complete and the container ready to drop on top of the deck. By Monday afternoon we had completed the deck and added supports around the outside and gave our good mate and local digger driver Fritz a call and he duly arrived ten minutes later at a million miles an hour, he really is a great guy to know!  So with forks that were slightly too short and a digger that was slightly too small we had a go at lifting container onto boat. It took all of five minutes with minimum of fuss, in fact it took longer to make sure we were happy that the container was sat square on the deck than it did to do anything else.


It’ll be fine…..


And it was!

So just one week, give or take ten minutes, after we removed the old HQ we had replaced it with a shiny new one giving us oodles of extra space to work in. Tuesday saw bench production take place which is a really personal thing and I think we’ve got it spot on this time having learned a few valuable lessons from the last few benches we have built and by close of play on Wednesday we were pretty much ready for a day of production.

So by Thursday afternoon we had made our first sails, cut our first sticker sets and left for a weekend of racing with a big smile on our face.


Ready to work.

The weekend was spent stood by Coalhouse Fort lake in blizzard conditions racing DF65 and DF95. Positive results from the 600 mile round trip with a third place on Saturday followed by a second spot on Sunday. These two results now see me leading the DF Racing TT series, only by a point and it’s still early season but I’ll take that thank you very much!


Reasonably chilly at Coalhouse – Photo Nigel Brown.

Back to it on Monday and we’ve chewed through all our outstanding orders and have now packed the van up for a weekend of IOM racing at Lincoln RYC which is sure to be amusing I’m sure.

So we’ll arrive back at base on Monday and we’ll be into our run up to Easter and although production will continue all through the Easter period there will be no posting between last thing Thursday and first thing Tuesday due to holidays. So if you need any DF sails, sticker sets, rigs, rig bags or RC Laser bits then please head over to the shop www.sochsails.online and take a look at what we have to offer.

Thanks for bearing with us whilst we got the office swap sorted, hopefully this one will be big enough to see us through the next few years. Below are some of the sails we’ve made in the new facility.


Operation Cake Relocate Update

Well we’ve reached the end of week one of our crazy office swap plan which will see our useable production space almost doubled along with the addition of a dedicated office area with desk and everything!

After our move out on Monday we spent Tuesday laying out and measuring the area for the new deck. We measured about five times in all and are pretty confident that our new office will fit on the deck like a glove.

So Wednesday saw a productive day right from the get go with the new office arriving a few days ahead of schedule at 6am and the new deck taking shape on the boat. By the end of the day we had a functioning office area and had moved almost all of the furniture from the old cabin into the new one.

Thursday proved to be frustrating with an overnight dump of snow putting the stoppers on any progress on the deck but I managed a super productive stint in the new office catching up on lots of ‘real’ Boatyard admin.

Today, Friday, has seen another great day on the deck which is now almost complete and I have spent some time contemplating how to build and fix my new production tables in place, a nice thing to be thinking about. We also waved goodbye to our old HQ which we gave away to a local business as an office. Sad to see it leave really but as ever it’s onwards and upwards!

Goodbye old friend!

All stop now until Monday when we should see the finished deck ready to accept the new Soch Sails Global HQ then we can beetle on for the rest of the week and get ourselves back into some sort of order with a view to getting production underway once more. The weather might yet have a say in the final timescale of it all but we’ve certainly had a busy week with some really useful help on the job.

As you can imagine we have had no production at all this last week, we had hoped to be able to ship stickers from stock but this just hasn’t happened unfortunately and it will be mid to late next week before we ship any of our current orders.

Anyhow here are some photos of the progress so far.

Naked boat, it’s not looked like this for 11 years!

New Global HQ arrived on site….early, that’s the moon top left.

Deck in progress

Deck nearly complete and ready to accept the new HQ, pictured left.

Artists impression of how the finished deck may be utilised….

Of course the shop is still open to take your order, however as you can see there might be a little bit of a delay.

We’ve Begun!

So operation ‘Cake relocate’ has begun. By the end of today, Monday, we have moved everything out of one office and into a temporary one and we have lifted the old workshop/office from its location in readiness for the new Soch Sails global HQ which arrives later this week.

We have an awful lot of prep to do before the new HQ turns up so the chances are that we will get little or no orders shipped this week. Apologies in advance, but we’ll be back in production as soon as we can be.

Office emptied, temporary office set up, office gone!


So as I mentioned in my last post, we were looking for a suitable replacement for Soch Sails Global HQ, it seems that this morning we have found it and we are now the proud owners of a 20 foot container office thing.

So we need to get busy moving out of the current shed and into the new one which should be with us in a couple of weeks.  In the interim period we have lots of prep to do to get the site ready for the new office and as such we will need to have a complete shutdown of production to allow us to get this done.

Any order placed from now on 28th Feb 2018 will be subject to at least a two week production time, I hope that we can get things sorted a little quicker than this but please be aware of the delay. Rig bags and sticker sets as well as RC Laser parts should still be able to be shipped during the shutdown but again, there may be a small delay in our usually super quick service.

We’ll be available on the phone as usual or by email.

Thanks for your understanding as we expand the Soch Sails brand to a bigger HQ.


Did you miss me?

Happy New Year, yes I know it’s very nearly the end of January but we’ve been crazy busy here at Soch Sails HQ with one thing or another and even though I’ve meant to sit down and write a bit so you guys know I’m ok and still alive, I have just been cracking on with loads of fun orders during January.

I’ve reached a point this afternoon where I have completed all but one big order for one of our trade customers which consists of 40 ish suits of sails, 50 odd sticker sets, patch sets etc etc so that’ll keep me busy next week!

So what news? Well not a huge amount to be honest, I’ve found some new laminate material which I’ve been testing and have found it to be pretty good for the DF65 C suit, I’ve not tried it in any other sizes but it should work for DF95 C and D suits as well.  I’ll get them up on the shop as soon as I have a spare minute or two.


Laminate C suit

We’ve sent a good selection of goodies all over the globe this month from patch sets to numbers, sails and rig bags. We have also seen some of the new style DF65 rig kits trickle into stock, still no A+ rig kits but A, B and C are all available with the new style booms and head fitting. We also have a number of DF95 rigs in stock, I’m looking at a tube which should have the majority of the parts to make up B rig kits for the DF95, when I’ve checked I’ll pop them back on the shop.

I’ve been receiving quite a few emails recently from customers who have bought goodies from us and wanted to let us know that their boats looked pretty cool with the new goodies, gold spangly sticker sets on a DF65 and DF95 were particular favourites along with a suit of “stealth” dayglo orange DF65 sails a customer has teamed with a new orange coloured hull from the USA, very understated as you can imagine!



As well as being super busy sending out our products to all corners of the globe we have recently found a little time to begin our journey into paneled sails and after much reading, tea, head scratching, more tea, some drawing and measuring we have produced our first suit of Soch Sails IOM sails which look pretty nice.  A long way to go with this journey but next stop is getting them measured to make sure they comply to the class rules, then we can get them bent on and out sailing somewhere soon.


IOM A suit awaiting measurement.

I haven’t done much racing recently but the DF65 winter series at West Lancs YC is providing some fun racing every other week and it makes up a whole weekend next weekend as the DF Racing UK 2018 TT series kicks off at the club. I’m doing my first bit of race officering on Saturday for the DF95’s which should be fun with nearly 30 entries so far for both days.

Just some advance warning about a planned shutdown sometime in February. We are hoping to swap offices once more as we require more space so there will be no production for a week or so whilst this happens. We aren’t sure when it’ll be just yet but we’ll keep you posted as we know more.


An office…on a boat….in a boatyard, I love “HMS Treehouse” but it just isn’t big enough anymore.

As usual, the shop is open 24 hours to take your order and we are operating on a 24 – 48 hour turn around time for all orders at the moment, a nice place to be!

Thanks for continuing to choose Soch Sails to power your DF Racing yachts, hopefully we’ll be able to power some of your other yachts soon!

Some pictures of some recent work below.

A+ anyone?

DF65 Selection

DF95 Selection

“Stealth” Selection