Production Update

Ok, so here in the UK we have had the hottest week for some time. Whilst in terms of some locations the temperature is about average it’s been roasting here with daytime temperatures in the workshop often being 35, 37 degrees c over the last week. Add to that no one in the UK owns any AC (unless it’s in their car) and most of the UK has just melted.

As such I’ve not been able to achieve an awful lot so if you’ve placed an order this week and you haven’t had a shipping notification then your order is being manufactured over the next few….hopefully cooler, days.

Our RC Laser shipment has now reached Coventry on it’s monumentally slow journey to us, I hope it’ll be only a couple of days now before it actually reaches us and we can restock most items and fulfill outstanding RC Laser orders.

In the meantime we are now also into school holiday season and the big boatyard is firing on all cylinders as well so I’m currently working 12 – 14 hour days to keep up. If our usually prompt fulfillment times slip a little bit over the next six weeks this is the reason why and I hope you understand.

Thanks for your continued support of Soch Sails, the shop is, as always, open to take your order.

RC Laser Update

Here’s one we made earlier…..

So we’ve had a mail from our suppliers letting us know that export clearance is the delay with getting the spares out to us. They are confident that the shipment will be on it’s way to us before the end of the week and with us shortly afterwards. Apologies once again for the delay, nothing to do with us, we didn’t vote for it but apparently plenty did and now it’s more complicated than making a good souffle.

Anyhow, RC Laser stuff….should be with us soon.

Plodding on nicely

Afternoon folks, so we’ve been stabbed in the arm twice and are enjoying being able to go to the pub a bit more which is all really nice. We are also rather busy producing sails and accessories for DF65 and DF95 yachts as well as sails for IOM yachts here in the UK and worldwide. So far this month we have manufactured and shipped over 80 orders and are pretty much back up to date which means our lead times are back to a couple of days rather than a week or more as we were at the front end of this month.

Whilst all of our DF Racing yacht products are hand made here at HQ to order and can be produced at the drop of a hat we have had some supply issues with the RC Laser side of the business. Some shortages with our suppliers , combined with shipping complications have left us without a few key items, such as sails, which are quite important. We’ve had word this morning that our order is being shipped which contains most of the out of stock items for us and that should be with us within a week to ten days. When it arrives we’ll restock the shop but in the meantime please accept our apologies for being out of some items.

I have also managed to go sailing (only once) during the last month, a trip to Weecher with the IOM Vision to see what I’d remembered having not sailed for around a month due to work pressures. There were visitors from Fleetwood and I was pleased with a third spot finish in the 14 strong field. Hopefully I’m heading to Fleetwood on Sunday for more IOM sailing and a bit of practice at the venue before the UK Nationals in August. I’m also looking forward to seeing most of the DF Racing regulars at Weecher on the 24th – 25th July for our first TT meeting in 18 months.

As I mentioned earlier we’ve been busy making sails and stuff and we have restocked our good friends at RC Yachts with lots of sails and goodies so if you need it in a super rush get in touch with them and they’ll have it for you. We have also restocked on DF rig kits so if you want a suit of sails and a rig to hang them on we can do that for you too. We’ve also shipped a hefty sticker order to a new fleet in the USA who wanted a multitude of different colours for their new yachts.

Shipping news is pretty good on the whole with most items making it to their destinations around the world without issue. Some locations in the US are still taking longer than we’d like them to but they are, in the main, making it through. We’ve had a few good runs out to Australia and NZ recently with 8-10 days being our best effort. Most European destinations are good too, however Sweden is proving a real issue currently and for reasons unknown we’ve had three or four parcels returned without explanation which is a little frustrating both for us and our customers.

So, in summary, lead times back to normal, shipping mainly good, some RC Laser shortages which will be sorted soon and smiles all round. The shop is open 247 to take your order and as always if you can’t see it how you want it just give us a shout and we’ll make it happen.

Please find a small selection of the sails we have made in June posted below.

Short Delay

Current office

So, May as a whole has been one of the busiest months on record for me here at Soch Sails. We’ve taken and shipped over 130 orders for everything from an RC Laser switch to full hits of IOM sails.

Running alongside Soch Sails I also run a full size boatyard which, owing to the great weather and the easing of lockdown, has become extremely busy. Add to this the half term break and some hefty trade orders (80plus suits of sails) and we have the perfect storm.

I’m trying ever so hard to get orders manufactured and shipped in good time but the combination of many 12-14 hour days making sails and running the boatyard is proving tricky.

Our usual swift shipping times are taking a bit of a hit and we are running little behind. Rest assured I’ll be back on it next week but currently we are perhaps a week behind. Sails are being manufactured but at a much slower rate than usual.

Apologies for this but Soch Sails is essentially me on my own, I don’t have a team of people helping me out so every now and again I fall behind, this is one of those times.

Keep ordering, I’ll get you sorted as quick as I can.



Competition Winner Drawn!


Sorry, sorry, sorry. I know we were supposed to draw the winner a few weeks back but as per usual life has been a little busy recently with big boats and small boats keeping us occupied.

Anyhow we got Phoebe to complete the draw via FB live, I’m pretty sure the girl knows no fear and there is a media based career in her future somewhere. Torken Borjeson from Sweden won the goodies with the name “Steven Seagull”, a fine choice and now we have a name for our mascot you’ll probably see him about the place a bit more in the future.

So there we are, competition complete, I reckon there might be another one before too long as we’ll soon be getting some Soch Sails threads sorted. Thanks to all those of you who took the time to enter the competition, you’re all winners!

If I get a spare minute I’ll be back later this week with another post and some updates for you on what we’ve been up to recently, it could be quite a long post as there’s plenty to tell you.

Until then….

Competition Time

Our new friend

You may have noticed that we’ve gone and got ourselves a bit of a mascot. Since we got started back in 2015 we’ve never really had any sort of branding for Soch Sails so we figured that six years in would be a good time to get something sorted, after all there’s no point in rushing stuff and we’ve been pretty busy getting your sails made and orders dispatched in good time.

So we gave the brief to a local marketing company ( Gill Blease Marketing) and left her and her designer to it. Scroll forward a month and hey presto here we are. We’ve got ourselves a natty looking seagull who you’ll see in all our new branding material. However he needs a name and we think you guys should come up with it.

New logo

So here’s the deal, head over to our new Facebook page, like and share it and leave a comment with your suggestion for a name and whoever comes up with the best name wins some cool stuff with the new logo on it. Might be a hat, might be a hoody, who knows! So as we’re not cheating in any way we’ll get Phoebe ( a completely impartial 7 and three quarter year old ) to pick the winner.

We’ll give you a week to get your names in and we’ll close the competition on the 19th April at 1700 UK time and draw the winner.

Remember, simply head over to our new Facebook page, like and share it, put your suggested name in the comments, wait to see if your name gets pulled out of the hat and we’ll be in touch with details of cool stuff.

All the elements of where and what we are!

Hello World & a Happy Easter to You!

Well, that was a long time coming! Having been locked down here in Wales on and off since last October we were finally allowed to roam around the countryside on Saturday. A huge collective sigh of relief from all involved and England had their lockdown message changed to “Stay Local” on Monday too. It seems that we are, as a collective, heading in the right direction and with further easing on the horizon it might be about time to start getting excited about a condensed sailing season during the back half of the year…..if we can remember what to do with our thumbs!

Looking forward to that second half of 2021 we are booked to do quite a bit and so far have the IOM Nationals, DF65 Nationals and the fully booked DF95 Nationals in the diary. Hopefully I’ll get some time on the water beforehand so I’m not a complete disgrace when I get to the startline!

Soch Sails has been powering along during March with plenty to be getting on with. We had a delivery of 40 more DF rig kits yesterday thanks to our friends at RC Yachts which sees us with great stock levels of all DF65 and DF95 rig kits once again, I’ve even managed to update the shop so that you can purchase them too!

DF Rig kits…we’ve got a few!

Our Soch Sails IOM sails have been heading around the globe too, they are a very different production prospect to our DF sails and I am very much enjoying manufacturing them and the more I produce the more I am honing the production of them. Hopefully I can get out with them and throw myself into some competition before too long.

Soch Sails IOM A suit
Soch Sails IOM B suit

As well as the IOM sails we have been busy in March and have taken and fulfilled just over 100 orders for everything from an RC Laser rudder bush to full suites of DF65 and DF95 sails along with rigs bags, transmitter covers and everything else that we supply. These orders have been winging their way all over the world and in the main have been hitting the mark in reasonable time. We are still having some ongoing shipping issues with Sweden and Germany where customs checks seem to be quite thorough and seemingly time consuming. Whilst we are monitoring shipments to these locations once they leave us there is virtually nothing we can do to speed them along I’m afraid. Patience is key here and what should take a week or two might take four or five but I’m confident that in most cases shipments are arriving where they should……apart from one shipment that should have been going to Palma in Mallorca and seems to have gone via Minsk….in Belarus. It did eventually arrive where it should have!

We are shutting down production for the Easter break and will not now be posting anything until Tuesday 6th April. All our current orders are either in production or have been completed and will be shipped next week.

In the meantime the online shop will remain open 24/7 for you to take a look at.

In the meantime have a happy and healthy Easter and we’ll see you pondside before too long.

Busy Bees

Hi Folks, hope you’re all safe and well wherever you are in the world. After a reasonably quiet month in February we are now into March which is shaping up to be quite a busy month already. We have had lots of sails head out all over the world since we last wrote and we’ve a couple of boxes of RC Lasers heading off overseas currently as well as a few trade orders.

With the DF95 UK Nationals open for entry on Monday there are now 60 skippers registered for the event which promises to be three days of fun racing and social and it’ll sure be nice to catch up with everyone. We also have the DF65 Nationals at the front end of September at Poole and the RG65 Nationals at Keighley in the middle of the month….lots of sailing to be done.

Our IOM sails keep heading out the door to locations far and wide which is encouraging, we are hoping to get back to some sailing soon enough so we can get our tune on for the IOM race season here in the UK with the 2021 Nationals at Fleetwood in late August its a good thing to be aiming at. Hopefully we’ll get a couple of events in before then too.

Due to time pressures at work I’ve started producing the IOM sail blanks at home of an evening in the Soch Sails HQ, where it all began some years back. It’s nice to be at the table again in the treehouse, music on and a cup of tea on the go, very relaxing. This allows us to take the sails to the yard and finish them on HMS Treehouse and ship them out from there. I reckon there’s a video tour of both in the pipeline, but here’s a picture of how we are working now and yes, they are the worlds comfiest slippers….

The big boatyard is starting to think about the 2021 season too, it looks like there is a good chance that we’ll get almost a full season this year. I think we’ll miss Easter but sometime before Mayday we’ll be wheels up and tractors rolling which is a nice thought.

Other than that we’ve started doing a bit of customer rig building for collection. I don’t think that we can reliably ship fully built rigs around the place. we’ll be adding the service to the shop before too long. Whilst it’s a bit of a drive to get to us we’ll make you a brew when you get here, fit the rig to your boat and have a sail if the tide is in! We are still pricing up our DF rig boxes at the moment and again, due to shipping they might be collection only. Another thought is to provide them in kit form with everything you’ll need apart from the outer skin but including handle, clips hooks, closures, feet, elastic and a set of drawings so that you can stick it together yourself. Watch this space….again!

The shop is open 24/7 to take your order, clicky here to take a look.

Anyhow, a few photos of some of our recent work below. Stay safe and we’ll catch you pondside soon all being well.

IOM Stuff

Hello again, hope you”re all still well. UK still locked down, days still short, weather extremely cold. Soch Sails still powering on through the gloom and heading towards the spring, when things will hopefully start to improve.

The front end of this month has been a little quiet after a super busy December and January, so we’ve taken the time to finally get our Soch Sails IOM sail offerings up online and have a bit of a general tidy up of the shop website.

You’ll see in the menu bar there is now an IOM Sails tab, click it and take a look at what we’ve been working on recently. You asked if we could back in 2017 and 2018 an d now just three years on we are ready to offer our Soch Sails IOM sails to the world. Hope you like them as much as we do. We’ve also added sail numbers, class insignia and national letters to the shop too.

To take a look at what we can now offer please follow the links below.

Soch Sails IOM sails info.

Soch Sails IOM sails on the shop.

Back in The Room

Signs of spring in the back garden at Soch Sails HQ, January 15th.

So it’s the 22nd January and we’re through our Christmas and New Year order book and have been fulfilling new orders at a rate of knots for the last week or so.

We thought we should just let you all know that we are still here and doing our thing as usual! Nothing amazing to report, still no sailing due to continued lockdown. We’ve had a busy start to 2021 and have manufactured almost 100 suits of sails up to this point which is pretty cool.

Our IOM sails continue to be developed and we’ve shipped a couple of suits out this month. I haven’t quite had chance to get a page up yet for them so if you need a suit in the meantime please just give us a shout via the usual channels and we’ll sort you out. Initial feedback from customers is that they look good!

Shipping times to all but European locations seems to have settled down a bit now we are through the Christmas rush. USA seems to be around 2 – 3 weeks, we did Japan in 7 days a week or two back and OZ and NZ seems to be similar to US locations. European orders are very much dependent on how your parcel flows through customs in the destination country. The Netherlands and France seem to be the slowest so far. As usual we will send you a tracking number for your overseas order when we fulfill the order, please keep an eye on it so that you can receive your order.

Other than that all is well here and we hope it is where you are too. Remember the shop is open 24/7 to take your orders and we’ll manufacture, package and ship them out to you in good time. Stay safe and healthy.