We are off for a bit of a jolly over the next couple of days and will not be in the office.

Back Saturday briefly before a trip over to Keighley on Sunday for some DF65 racing.

As always the shop is open and we are pretty much up to date but any orders placed from now will not be looked at until our return on Monday.


Home for a couple of nights with the fam!


Rigs bags back in stock…but be quick!

We had a busy month in August, lots of Soch Sails goodies going all over the place as usual however August is traditionally our busiest month at the Boatyard and we haven’t done any website updating or even any sailing in the last 6 weeks.

However we have had some more of our popular rig bags produced and they are back up on the shop.  W don’t have many of the DF95 bags available, but we do have good stock of the DF65 bags which now sport four pockets and can hold all of the rigs for a DF65, from A+ to C.  We do have a couple of three pocket DF65 rig bags still available, if you want one of these please get in touch.

We are now starting to gear up for the DF65 Nationals here in the UK which happen towards the end of September on the South Coast at Eastbourne. Hopefully we’ll get some practice in over the next week or two….

If you need any DF sails or goodies please check out the shop, it’s open even when we are asleep!

July Breezes by.

So it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since I was at West Lancs YC for the RC Laser Nationals, but it’s almost been a whole month, which is crazy.  Since then we have been busy making our goodies for customers all across the globe as well as dealing with the boatyard which is super busy at this time of year. Early starts and late finishes have become the norm and will remain so for the next month I guess.

In amongst all this we did manage a quick trip down to the South West of the UK for the DF Racing UK weekend at Dartmoor RSC. 7.5 hours in the van on Friday and a little bit of practice was had before the rain arrived.  Saturday saw the A+ rig get it’s first outing during an event and I’m pleased that I took the time to build myself one before heading off to the event. Very little breeze and rain were the order of the day but the racing was as tough as ever and I was stoked to take third spot by a handful of points.

Sunday saw the polar opposite of Saturdays weather and we were greeted by sun and wind for the DF95 event.  Not as many boats but again, a strong fleet and despite a couple of racecourse tangles I was happy to have taken a fourth spot finish for the day, only missing out on third by two points.


Dartmoor, including a couple of the stupidest sheep I’ve ever seen!

This has left us in second spot in the rankings for 2017 so far, with three events left I’ll do well to hold on to 2nd but I’ll certainly try!

After a shorter journey home, a mere five and three quarter hours, I was back at the office bright and early on Monday morning, having been told I really did need to start offering the super shiny sticker sets to the world. So we got on and did that and you can now buy them for any of the DF products in five colours. They really do make your boat stand out from the crowd.

Check them out on the shop by clicking here.


Super pimp stickers on their way out of the workshop.

We’ve also been busy producing DF sails for customers as usual with a good mix of both DF65 an DF95 sails going out of the workshop. Our Stealth sails seem to be quite popular too with a few sets now in Italy and a couple in Japan.

In other news we have been looking at producing panelled sails for some time and over the last few weeks we have built a couple of camber boards and are currently using the DF65 as a platform for testing different setups and shapes using the DF65 A rig as a benchmark. This should allow us to produce some sails for the RG65 class that will be competitive in performance to whats out there already.


It’s almost good to go.

It is then our intention to continue our sailmaking journey with some sails for other classes too, but that could be a while off yet depending on how busy we are at the yard over the coming months.

Keep checking back for more updates on our sailmaking and don’t forget, should you need something from the shop, it is always open. Click here to take a look.

Lasering Sorted!

So an early dart on Saturday morning to West Lancs YC in Southport for the 2017 RC Laser Nationals. A reasonable entry of 20 skippers from across the UK, sunny skies and a little breeze. A rigs all weekend apart from a couple of early races on Sunday and I was glad I finally found a little time to put a fresh one together on Friday.


Skippers ready to race – Photo Susan Sharman

For me, Saturday morning was superb, the afternoon session was poor but I went into the overnight in 4th spot which was good enough. Saturday evening was spent in good company and a few beers were had and some food was eaten with a retirement time of around 23.00.


There are worse places to spend an evening!

Sunday morning saw some good racing in B rig conditions but with a dying breeze I took a chance in one race with the A rig and scored my only win of Sundays racing, that win combined with a smattering of second places left me in good shape heading into the final three races where right at the death on the last leg of the last race whilst sat in a comfortable third spot I caught some weed and watched the fleet sail past me before eventually finishing in a lowly twelfth spot which cost me second spot for the regatta by just one point.



Hey, ho, it’s only a game and I came home with another weekend sailing tan, some chocolates and a trophy, can’t grumble at that really. Thanks to all those at West Lancs who ran the event and thanks also to the skippers that took part and made the event as amusing as it was.


Full results sheet

There are a couple of photos from Susan Sharman who, as well as competing, also made some time to shoot a few photos. Check them out by clicking here

Some Lasering to be done this week!

So I decided late last week that the UK RC Laser Nationals would fit in quite nicely with my plans for the coming couple of weeks so I dug out the many bits of my boat and stuck them together and went off to Burwain SC up in Lancashire for a National TT event and a bit of a tune up before the Nationals this coming weekend.


They all go in there somewhere!

It seems that, much like riding a bike, you never forget and a useful day was had racing a sometimes difficult course around the pond. A couple of race wins and some consistent sailing saw me finish in second position some 7 points behind first placed Dave Fowler.


Burwain SC from the deck, jolly nice!

So we are now gearing up for the UK RC Laser Nationals at West Lancs YC this coming weekend where we will have a go and see how we get on. It should be a good bit of fun and we can wave across the water at those taking part in the UK Marblehead Nationals at Fleetwood, also happening this weekend. If you fancy some spectating in the North West then you could come and watch both events with just s a short drive in between.

Speaking of National Championships I have entered the US DF95 Nationals in November which looks like being a really cool event. I’ll be spending a week or so in Florida which hopefully will mean somewhat more time to see a few things rather than our last visit to Texas where it was a bit of a whirlwind tour. If you need anything bringing to Naples, just let me know!

Other than that we are still busy manufacturing and shipping orders out to customers worldwide with the 11 orders over the last 48 hours being for everything from a deck patch to multiple suits of sails. No major updates to our stock, just a couple of things becoming unavailable for a short time and then reappearing when they come back in to stock. We try to keep this time to a minimum but it is very dependent on our suppliers.

Over the next week or two we will be adding some new sticker options to our inventory, people have been asking for something like our shiny blue 99 boat so we are just gathering the info to make them available to you guys. Colours will be limited but there will be a few available to choose from and they are bound to look really shiny!!


Shiny blue 99, soon to be available in other colours too! – Photo – Sue Brown (thanks Sue!)

As usual, if you need any Soch Sails goodies then please take a look at our shop.



DF95 Nationals Sorted!

So we’ve been beavering away getting our orders out and sorted and this weekend we have been down to Milton Keynes to take part in the DF95 Nationals at Furzton Lake.

A superb weekend with plenty of good breeze and loads of sunshine making the whole event a real pleasure to be at. We placed 12th at close of play, I had some good races and a few bad ones but ultimately I sailed consistently enough to not have any large scores to drop when the discards came around. The age old problem of practice comes to mind and if I want to progress any further I think I need to do some more regular sailing.

DF95 Nats Tim

Tim with “Shiny Blue 99” – Photo Sue Brown

With everyone using either B or C suits this wekend we were again pleased to see that many of the skippers were using Soch Sails as their weapons of choice, along with many skippers choosing to add our hull & deck sticker sets so that they could identify their boats in the busy fleets. My own boat really popped in the sunlight and Sue Brown got some really great photos, you can check them out by clicking the link here

We’ve been asked a couple of times for a replication of our shiny sticker sets as shown above and we will add something to the website over the next couple of days with some options.

We have also been asked a lot about our Stealth sails for the DF65 and we have now added these to the online shop  so you can get your hands on a set should you wish to. We are supplying them as numbered sets with corners, luffs and numbers in whatever combination you want.  If we can do it, we surely will!


Stealth DF65 A suit

Other than that we are still sending lots of goodies down to RC Yachts, so if you are thinking of purchasing a boat and want some of our kit with it then Mike is the man to speak to, and if you need a sticker set pronto in the USA we have Chuck at DSNA stocking both DF65 and DF95 sticker sets which he can dispatch in double quick time.


We’re back and up to date!

So we had a lovely ten day break in Derbyshire, did lots of exciting things, from riding a steam train to holding 3 day old chicks. Plenty of ice cream was had by all and we returned to a full bag of orders.

Apart from one or two orders which are taking a little longer to fulfill than we’d have hoped it seems that we are very much up to date with lead times for sail orders down to a couple of days for single suit orders.

We have also finally got our DF95 half length sticker sets sorted and up on the shop. We kept being asked for them so we’ve done what was required and engineered a good looking half length sticker set which looks good yet is easier to apply than the full length set. As with our DF65 half sets this one allows you to leave the original DragonFlite 95 decal in situ. Get yours here

DF95 half length sticker set.

Other than that we are now starting our own prep for the DF95 Nationals which take place in early June at Two Islands RYC in the UK, we need some practice as we haven’t sailed the DF95 since Fleetwood at the end of March……… As you’d expect we have a pretty trick sticker set in production at the moment for the event, there will be a reveal sooner or later……