Bad Light Stops Play

There is no electricity at work today, fine on a sunny day but not on a grey day. I can get my coffee fix, the beer fridge is warming up and I can’t really see what I’m trying to do.

The phone is down too but we can get emails if you need us. Hopefully we’ll be back in play again before the beer becomes undrinkable…..

Crikey it’s June Already!

Ok so it’s apparently June now, in fact it’s well into June and we’re still no closer to Wales lifting it’s prolonged lockdown. We are still here though and we’re ploughing through bucket loads of work.

This morning we have taken delivery of a long awaited RC Laser order, it should have been with us a couple of months back but the container didn’t make it to the ship and there was then a delay. Anyhow, it’s here now and we’ve restocked on almost everything. Tiller arms are not in stock and the bow pulleys turned up with just the case and not the pulley……this will be sorted and back in stock asap. Other than that we have boats, sails, masts, booms etc etc. The RC Laser section of the online shop has been updated. Check it out by clicking here.

Other than that we are continuing to plod on with our workload as it comes through the door. Lots of sails have set off on journeys around the globe with most making destinations in around a month if not a little faster in some cases.

Not much more to report, no sailing, not much prospect of any, still I’ve been paddling a couple of times and there’s a beach buggy rebuild on the go too as well as some horticulture happening back at the homestead.

Stay safe people, it’s a strange old world out there.

If you need any sails or accessories for your DF racing yacht or anything at all for your RC Laser then just click here and take a look at the online shop, meantime here’s some sails we’ve made and shipped recently.

Just a quickie

Hope you’re all well.

So we are more than mid way through May here in sunny Wales, we’ve got a bank holiday weekend incoming (not that anyone in the UK actually knows what day it is) so we are signing out until Tuesday morning.

Any orders placed yesterday and today will be processed and shipped on Tuesday. There is no point in shipping today as there is no UK post on Saturday’s at the moment and there will be no post on Monday either, so rather than have everything sat in a static postal system I’ll keep it all safe in the workshop!

It’s been another busy month so far, lots of worldwide orders to all corners of the globe including a slight upturn in UK based orders as people are allowed out in England. We are still shipping a couple of times a week, UK items are making good progress, the wider world is a little more pot luck at this stage. Most US orders are now shipping in around 3 – 4 weeks door to door, as are some European orders, however some orders will make it to their destinations in our usual timescale. If you need the tracking detail we have it and can send it through to you so you can keep an eye on where your item is.

There is no sailing news as we’ve not done any but we hope to be back on the water soon. However I do now finally have a completed D rig for my DF95. It looks great, check out our Instagram & FB channels for piccies.

In the meantime please check out a selection of sails we have manufactured and shipped in recent weeks and remember that the shop is always open to take your order.

Having a break!

Well here we are again, hope you’re all well. The weather here in the UK is still pretty good, our little village is still without the usual influx of tourists and second home owners and the UK as a whole is still locked down. There looks like a bit of relaxation on the way but how much remains to be seen. Other countries who have eased lockdown seem to be having mixed results, I fear that any relaxation of the measures here on our island where population density is often higher than many other nations will be a bit of a bum steer and cause more problems than it will solve. Just my view on it, based on the little knowledge I have.

Whatever happens something needs to be done at some point otherwise the UK economy will implode which is not a great prospect.

Of course it isn’t all doom and gloom, I’ve had a little bit of time and have managed to complete a D suit for my DF95 which means for the first time since 2018 I now have a full quiver of sails for my DF95. I haven’t had enough time yet to build the rig but that will happen sooner or later.


The Soch Sails business is holding it’s own, I had expected orders to peter out in mid April but they have continued to come in at a rate which has kept me busy most days since this whole thing kicked off over here. So a big thank you to all of you who have continued to support us during these strange times.

We’ve also been helping out Dick Williams down in Suffolk who has been producing sails to fund a local band of ladies who are making scrubs for the local NHS hospital. He asked if we could produce a simple I love NHS sticker to be applied to the sails. A font download later plus a few minutes and hey presto. We’ve now sent Dick 15 or so sets to apply to the sails he is making. Great job Dick and fantastic work by the ladies in supporting their local NHS who are so very vital in these times.


As for a service update things are still much the same for UK deliveries, we are starting to track a few UK parcels so we can see how they are moving through the system, mostly it’s all very similar to normal with deliveries taking between 1 and 3 days. We have seen a big slowdown in shipping times to anywhere outside the UK. Items can be taking a month or more to reach their destinations. Obviously everything that gets sent abroad we send on at least a tracked service so we can see where stuff is at any one time.

For customers waiting for some Soch Sails goodies to drop through their door I’d advise you to be a little more patient than you’d normally have to be. Once the item has left us there is unfortunately nothing we can then do to speed things up I’m afraid. We have seen some of the tracking stop as parcels are leaving the UK, this is usually due to them not being scanned until they pass through customs in the destination country and it seems there is quite a queue at the moment with the whole world trying to shop online.

Our suppliers are, in many cases, still operating which means we are unlikely to run out of sail making supplies, so, if you fancy a fresh suit of DF65 or DF95 sails for your yacht you can be assured that we’ll be able to make them and ship them to you.

Oh, and before I forget, the whole point of the post,  I’m not shipping again until Monday, we have a UK bank holiday tomorrow (for what it’s worth!) and there will be no post until Monday so I might have the day off, maybe even a bit of the weekend too. I’ll be back on Monday to crack on with orders that come in over the weekend.

So for those in the UK who aren’t entirely sure what day it is, remember, tomorrow, Friday, is bank holiday Monday……. Stay safe.

The shop is open, clicky here to take a look. In the meantime please see a few of the sails we have produced this week.

Still Truckin’ Along

Hi folks, hope you’re all well. I’m not sure what the weather has been doing across the globe but here in the UK we had another belter of a week last week and this week has begun the same, wall to wall sunshine & blue skies. Not a whole heap of breeze here so I’m not feeling too bad about not being able to sail.

Just a quick service update on how we are getting along and how your order might be progressing through our workload. Firstly, huge thanks again to all those of you that have placed orders with us recently, you’re keeping me sane in these strange times and allowing me to usefully remember what day of the week it is!

So UK shipments are a little slower than usual still, this is due to the sheer volume of mail passing through the system. Three to four days seems to be the norm currently, anything quicker than that is  a bonus!  Shipments to the USA vary depending on whereabouts in the country you are, USPS have posted some delays but they don’t cover inbound International shipments. We had a 9 day shipment last week which was encouraging but I reckon it’s more like a two week shipping time currently. again this is down to the sheer volume of post moving through the system. Rest of the world seems to be similar, a little delayed but ultimately getting to your doorstep in one piece.

We are still shipping once or twice a week which may add a couple of days to your order, it’s only sensible that we continue this way for the time being.

Other than that there isn’t a whole heap to report, we’ve completed a large sticker order for Dragon Sailing North America which will ship tomorrow. It contains full hull & deck sticker sets for both 65 and 95 in ten different colours. I’m sure Chuck will get them all listed when they arrive with him. There are two new colours, Aqua and Silver, they look good ans we’ll more than likely add them to our lineup too.

Sticker sets….lots of them…but how many?

We’ve plenty to be getting on with but please remember that the shop is open 24/7 to take your order.

Time for a cold beer now.  Stay safe folks.


Getting through it!

I sincerely hope that you are all well and are coping with whatever life is currently throwing at you with the customary good cheer and humour that us radio sailors seem to have. Whatever your situation is it is bound to be far removed from your normal routine. I for instance am having my first Easter off in twenty years. Whilst mentally it is no hardship I can’t help thinking that the boatyard would have had another bumper Easter weekend, the weather is pretty sweet up here in our little corner of N. Wales.

The garden at Soch Sails HQ looks amazing, spring certainly hasn’t taken a break, as I’m writing this I’m listening to a woodpecker in one of the trees in the garden and there is a whole heap of birdsong that you never really listen to. IMG_8625

I’ve had worse places to work from……

Certainly life is a little slower, things happen as they happen and stuff can’t be rushed.

I’m luckier than most in this strange time, I can still get to work and enjoy fulfilling a good number of Soch Sails orders for all manner of our products, from DF65 sails, DF95 sails, rig bags, sticker sets, deck patches and RC Laser parts and even the odd boat here and there. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t as busy as we usually are but we are still seeing a healthy number of orders through our inbox.

To those that have placed orders recently, thank you, you are keeping me sane!


Workshop still busy.

The shipping side of things is still plodding along too, UK items are still making their destinations within a couple of days of leaving us via the post office. Shipping to the wider world is a little slower currently with expected delivery slots being around 2 – 3 weeks from point of shipping from us. All our non UK parcels are shipped on a tracked and signed service so it’s easy to find out how your shipment is progressing through the system although sometimes the info is currently a little scarce.

We are shipping once or twice a week, which limits our exposure to the wider community which is only sensible at this time.

So to recap, we are still plodding along, we are healthy and happy and dare I say it we are enjoying the more relaxed pace of life. Orders are being manufactured and shipped. Shipping is a once or twice a week deal, UK shipping times are similar to usual, wider world shipments are perhaps a little delayed but can be tracked.

The online shop is open 24/7 as always so if you need something or even just fancy building that rig you’ve not gotten around to yet then please feel free to place your order with us. There is every chance that if the UK lockdown continues I might just get around to building the fabled D rig for my own DF95!!

Clicky here to take a look at the online shop.

Stay safe everyone.


One or two of this weeks production.

Lockdown & Soch Sails

Crikey, that escalated quickly didn’t it!

I think in these odd times it is only sensible to add some clarity regarding our Soch Sails business and how it should work during the upcoming month, perhaps longer.

I have closed The Boatyard, this means that I am the only member of staff currently on site. The site is around an acre in size so I’m not in contact with anyone during the work day and if anyone does turn up we can be as far apart as required.

With that in mind I am plodding on with orders as usual and we will continue to manufacture current and new orders as normal.

Shipping orders out is where I need to be a little careful. The Post Office is designated as a key business that must stay open during the lockdown and as such we can go there and get our orders shipped worldwide. I am however very aware of being out and about too much and I am probably going to do post runs once or twice a week for the next month or so. This might slow down our usual next day service for UK orders but I hope you’ll understand the situation. Currently we have no significant delays on overseas shipments.

If at any point in the future I am unable to come to work I am beginning renovation of the Soch Sails HQ which served us so well in the early days. It’s a fantastic workspace in the back garden, hidden away from everything and everyone which we can continue production from without issue.

So, to recap.

Online shop  – Open

Manufacture of current and new orders – Continuing uninterrupted

Shipping of orders – Short UK delay due to reduced post runs from base. Worldwide orders currently unaffected.

Morale levels – High!

May I wish everyone the best of health in these very strange times. Stay safe.

Coronavirus & Soch Sails

Hello, well this is an odd time isn’t it. So I’ve just shut down my boatyard business for the next month at least so I’ve got a whole heap more time to be building sails for radio sailing yachts!

We haven’t yet seen any drop off in our orders and we are shipping items as soon as we are able to. UK parcels are still shipping in a couple of days. Shipping to the wider world has not seen significant increases in lead time either. Shipping to Italy is currently an issue as there are clearly bigger issues than post and we wish all our customers there safe passage through this worrying time.

So I’m in the workshop most days carrying on. Luckily the village we are based in has voluntarily shut down and we are unlikely to see visitors. I can leave home and arrive at work without interacting with anyone else and whilst that is an option I will continue to do so. If the situation deteriorates then I will relocate production to home, where we started the business and have the space to continue working from should we need to.

So if you are self isolating and need a new suit of sails for your DF racing yacht, or any other class, then please get in touch and we’ll get you sorted.

Please stay safe in these uncertain times and we’ll continue doing what we do for you.

So, to recap, the shop is open, I’m here, so keep sending us your orders and we’ll keep shipping stuff out to you. Thanks for your continued support.



Radio Sailing @ The Dinghy Show


“Welcome to the radio sailing pool at the RYA Dinghy Show”………50 times a day!

After a few weeks back at base and a good catch up with orders and some workshop cleaning and tidying we are getting ready for another road trip. This time we are off to London to The RYA Dinghy Show for the weekend.

There is a growing presence of Radio Sailing at the show, the DF Racing UK crew have a stand (W16) and that’s where I’ll be based for the weekend. There will be a couple of DF yachts on the stand along with a lot of useful info about the boats and the class association available.

The MYA have a stand as usual (J13) and they are promoting the upcoming World Championships at West Kirby as well as giving you lots of info about where you can get involved with radio sailing around the UK. They also have a “spot the buoy” competition with the chance to win a DF65 with radio and other goodies. ebtry forms are available on the MYA and DF stand….get involved!

There is also the return of the ever popular pool with a fleet of DF65’s for you to have a go with. Mike will be on hand to guide you and your mates through a frankly difficult racecourse! Have a go all weekend.

So we are leaving early tomorrow and the workshop will be closed until Monday. The show is always well attended and we are looking forward to catching up with some good friends over the course of the show.

Show details are available here.

Just an Update

Our trip to Germany was…well…as usual pretty epic. Much amusement, many beers and a good catch up with some good friends.


It was late…or early…. but we were hungry!

That was followed by our first DF Racing UK TT event where we were greeted by some pretty fierce breeze on the Saturday, I’m glad I ate all that cake otherwise I would possibly have blown away. Sunday was a better day with a little less breeze but it was right in between A & B rigs so there was a lot of rig swapping throughout the day.

After five nights out on the bounce I was pretty stoked to finish third on Saturday with the DF65 and fourth on Sunday with the DF95, a great start to the 2020 season.

Once back at base and well rested we’ve spent the last couple of weeks busy in the workshop getting orders ready and sent out all over the world. Today for instance has been a three bag trip to the post office with seventeen orders for the UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands and Australia. A mix of goodies from DF sails to rig bags and lots of RC Laser spares too. We have also restocked our friends at RC Yachts with all that we do for them.

Having boxed off our orders and with it being half term for Phoebe I’m having a day or two off now so I’ll be back in the workshop later in the week. It would be nice to go sailing this weekend too but it looks like it might be a bit breezy once again which is a pain as I’ve not been on the water for a few weeks now. Anyhow there are worse problems to have I’m sure.

Remember that the shop is open 24/7 for you to browse and any orders placed will be dealt with pretty swiftly on my return. In the meantime check out some of our recent work below.