Lockdown & Soch Sails

Crikey, that escalated quickly didn’t it!

I think in these odd times it is only sensible to add some clarity regarding our Soch Sails business and how it should work during the upcoming month, perhaps longer.

I have closed The Boatyard, this means that I am the only member of staff currently on site. The site is around an acre in size so I’m not in contact with anyone during the work day and if anyone does turn up we can be as far apart as required.

With that in mind I am plodding on with orders as usual and we will continue to manufacture current and new orders as normal.

Shipping orders out is where I need to be a little careful. The Post Office is designated as a key business that must stay open during the lockdown and as such we can go there and get our orders shipped worldwide. I am however very aware of being out and about too much and I am probably going to do post runs once or twice a week for the next month or so. This might slow down our usual next day service for UK orders but I hope you’ll understand the situation. Currently we have no significant delays on overseas shipments.

If at any point in the future I am unable to come to work I am beginning renovation of the Soch Sails HQ which served us so well in the early days. It’s a fantastic workspace in the back garden, hidden away from everything and everyone which we can continue production from without issue.

So, to recap.

Online shop  – Open

Manufacture of current and new orders – Continuing uninterrupted

Shipping of orders – Short UK delay due to reduced post runs from base. Worldwide orders currently unaffected.

Morale levels – High!

May I wish everyone the best of health in these very strange times. Stay safe.

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