Coronavirus & Soch Sails

Hello, well this is an odd time isn’t it. So I’ve just shut down my boatyard business for the next month at least so I’ve got a whole heap more time to be building sails for radio sailing yachts!

We haven’t yet seen any drop off in our orders and we are shipping items as soon as we are able to. UK parcels are still shipping in a couple of days. Shipping to the wider world has not seen significant increases in lead time either. Shipping to Italy is currently an issue as there are clearly bigger issues than post and we wish all our customers there safe passage through this worrying time.

So I’m in the workshop most days carrying on. Luckily the village we are based in has voluntarily shut down and we are unlikely to see visitors. I can leave home and arrive at work without interacting with anyone else and whilst that is an option I will continue to do so. If the situation deteriorates then I will relocate production to home, where we started the business and have the space to continue working from should we need to.

So if you are self isolating and need a new suit of sails for your DF racing yacht, or any other class, then please get in touch and we’ll get you sorted.

Please stay safe in these uncertain times and we’ll continue doing what we do for you.

So, to recap, the shop is open, I’m here, so keep sending us your orders and we’ll keep shipping stuff out to you. Thanks for your continued support.



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