Still Truckin’ Along

Hi folks, hope you’re all well. I’m not sure what the weather has been doing across the globe but here in the UK we had another belter of a week last week and this week has begun the same, wall to wall sunshine & blue skies. Not a whole heap of breeze here so I’m not feeling too bad about not being able to sail.

Just a quick service update on how we are getting along and how your order might be progressing through our workload. Firstly, huge thanks again to all those of you that have placed orders with us recently, you’re keeping me sane in these strange times and allowing me to usefully remember what day of the week it is!

So UK shipments are a little slower than usual still, this is due to the sheer volume of mail passing through the system. Three to four days seems to be the norm currently, anything quicker than that is  a bonus!  Shipments to the USA vary depending on whereabouts in the country you are, USPS have posted some delays but they don’t cover inbound International shipments. We had a 9 day shipment last week which was encouraging but I reckon it’s more like a two week shipping time currently. again this is down to the sheer volume of post moving through the system. Rest of the world seems to be similar, a little delayed but ultimately getting to your doorstep in one piece.

We are still shipping once or twice a week which may add a couple of days to your order, it’s only sensible that we continue this way for the time being.

Other than that there isn’t a whole heap to report, we’ve completed a large sticker order for Dragon Sailing North America which will ship tomorrow. It contains full hull & deck sticker sets for both 65 and 95 in ten different colours. I’m sure Chuck will get them all listed when they arrive with him. There are two new colours, Aqua and Silver, they look good ans we’ll more than likely add them to our lineup too.

Sticker sets….lots of them…but how many?

We’ve plenty to be getting on with but please remember that the shop is open 24/7 to take your order.

Time for a cold beer now.  Stay safe folks.


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