Having a break!

Well here we are again, hope you’re all well. The weather here in the UK is still pretty good, our little village is still without the usual influx of tourists and second home owners and the UK as a whole is still locked down. There looks like a bit of relaxation on the way but how much remains to be seen. Other countries who have eased lockdown seem to be having mixed results, I fear that any relaxation of the measures here on our island where population density is often higher than many other nations will be a bit of a bum steer and cause more problems than it will solve. Just my view on it, based on the little knowledge I have.

Whatever happens something needs to be done at some point otherwise the UK economy will implode which is not a great prospect.

Of course it isn’t all doom and gloom, I’ve had a little bit of time and have managed to complete a D suit for my DF95 which means for the first time since 2018 I now have a full quiver of sails for my DF95. I haven’t had enough time yet to build the rig but that will happen sooner or later.


The Soch Sails business is holding it’s own, I had expected orders to peter out in mid April but they have continued to come in at a rate which has kept me busy most days since this whole thing kicked off over here. So a big thank you to all of you who have continued to support us during these strange times.

We’ve also been helping out Dick Williams down in Suffolk who has been producing sails to fund a local band of ladies who are making scrubs for the local NHS hospital. He asked if we could produce a simple I love NHS sticker to be applied to the sails. A font download later plus a few minutes and hey presto. We’ve now sent Dick 15 or so sets to apply to the sails he is making. Great job Dick and fantastic work by the ladies in supporting their local NHS who are so very vital in these times.


As for a service update things are still much the same for UK deliveries, we are starting to track a few UK parcels so we can see how they are moving through the system, mostly it’s all very similar to normal with deliveries taking between 1 and 3 days. We have seen a big slowdown in shipping times to anywhere outside the UK. Items can be taking a month or more to reach their destinations. Obviously everything that gets sent abroad we send on at least a tracked service so we can see where stuff is at any one time.

For customers waiting for some Soch Sails goodies to drop through their door I’d advise you to be a little more patient than you’d normally have to be. Once the item has left us there is unfortunately nothing we can then do to speed things up I’m afraid. We have seen some of the tracking stop as parcels are leaving the UK, this is usually due to them not being scanned until they pass through customs in the destination country and it seems there is quite a queue at the moment with the whole world trying to shop online.

Our suppliers are, in many cases, still operating which means we are unlikely to run out of sail making supplies, so, if you fancy a fresh suit of DF65 or DF95 sails for your yacht you can be assured that we’ll be able to make them and ship them to you.

Oh, and before I forget, the whole point of the post,  I’m not shipping again until Monday, we have a UK bank holiday tomorrow (for what it’s worth!) and there will be no post until Monday so I might have the day off, maybe even a bit of the weekend too. I’ll be back on Monday to crack on with orders that come in over the weekend.

So for those in the UK who aren’t entirely sure what day it is, remember, tomorrow, Friday, is bank holiday Monday……. Stay safe.

The shop is open, clicky here to take a look. In the meantime please see a few of the sails we have produced this week.

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