A couple of updates

So we’ve seen our busy spell draw to a close and we are back to lead times of around a week or less for sail orders which is great news for you guys. We’ve had a couple of email issues lately where the Jobs, Gates & Norton interface on the old laptop has ceased to work correctly leading to lots of emails that were once deemed suitable ending up in the auto deleting spam folder unbeknown to us!  If you’ve sent us a mail in the last month to six weeks and you haven’t had a reply then the chances are this is what has happened!

We have addressed the issue by buying a new computer which seems to be working quite well now.


There have been a few incidences lately whereby people have struggled to release the vinyl sticker sets from the backing paper when attempting to apply their shiny new sticker sets. We have updated our sticker set application instructions and have added some handy tips to get it right first time, check out the sticker set page.

We returned from the Nationals with a  9th place finish, not bad considering the amount of sailing that we haven’t done again this season. Soch Sails powered boats faired well with a third place finish, along with an 8th, 9th and 10th and with a further 4 boats being powered by our sails we made up one fifth of the fleet which we are really stoked about.

Production of sail bags for both the DF65 and DF95 is underway again and we should have stock of both bags by the middle of this coming week.

In the meantime if you need anything please visit the shop at http://www.sochsails.online


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