More Busy Times

So we’ve been busy again doing all sorts of exciting things over the last few weeks. Tim took a trip to Lytham St Annes where he raced his RC Laser (badly) and recorded a mid fleet finish (5th from 12) and came home all hot and bothered and had to spend Monday having a lie down before getting back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday before leaving for some family time in Yorkshire celebrating his mum’s 70th Birthday over the weekend.

Monday saw us travel back to base and endure a journey which should take around 3.5 hours but took more like 5.5. Still, on the plus side we arrived home, unlike some other unlucky people.

So we’ve been catching up today and have melted our orders from a hefty 35 down to 15, hopefully we can get that number down some more tomorrow before we have another break and celebrate our daughter Phoebe’s 3rd birthday on Thursday before packing up the van again on Friday for the DF65 Nationals up in Fleetwood over the weekend where my Sunday performance will be directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed on the Saturday evening…….

In other news we have had to temporarily stop production of our laminate range of sails, for no other reason that we have run out of material and our suppliers don’t currently have any more in stock. As soon as we get our sweaty mitts on some we’ll let you know!

As of next Tuesday we will be back in full production mode and should have our backlog of current orders completed and shipped by the end of the week.

DF65 and 95 sailbags are currently in production but our local big boat sail maker is currently off racing his full size Dragon in the Edinburgh Cup which is being held locally this year, he will be disciplined when he returns and we should have some more sailbags for you guys soon enough. Apologies for the delay on this one.

For all our other goodies please check out the shop

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