Catching up

So we’ve finally got the boatyard back on an even keel after a month of being super busy and we are back in the treehouse manufacturing sails, stickers and other DF related goodies.


More sticker sets on their way out

We have seen a huge demand recently for our sticker sets and having spent a lot of time at the boatyard we are catching up with our Soch Sails orders and we have required a little help from our newest superhero “Vinyl Girl”. She’s not quite got the hang of things yet but she is certainly brightening up our workspace!


Vinyl Girl helping out!

We have pretty much caught up with our backlog of orders and everything currently on order should be on its way by the end of the week which will bring our lead time back to a week or less for sails with stickers usually being shipped within 48 hours.

In the meantime if you need anything please check out the shop

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