A Busy Month

So here we are looking at nearly a month since we last posted an update for you guys, so here it is!


We’ve been quieter this month than of late which has been useful as the boatyard has been super busy with the school holidays and I’ve had to split my time between the two sides of the business but hopefully the lead times for our customers has been satisfactory with sail orders being processed within two weeks or less.


Having said that we’ve produced lots of goodies for our friends at RC Yachts who stock most of our products too. So if you want a set of our sails with white luff and corners then check them out!

RC Laser stuff seems to have picked up lately with a good few orders going out. There is a possible supply hiccup on the horizon but we’ll keep you posted with that as it develops.

Other than that there isn’t much to tell, we’ve been out and about a bit, spending a weekend at Furzton Lake with DF95’s RG65’s and IOM’s which was fun. The DF95 racing wasn’t great for me with a couple of “issues”, the RG racing was superb fun, I used my Carbon ICE design (the grand daddy of the DF65) for the first time with a swing rig that I built and placed a very creditable 7th from 22 which was a really pleasing result. I need to spend a little more time with the boat and build some proper rigs for it and perhaps see about a proper campaign next season.

We were lucky enough to have Sue Brown on hand to take some photos of the event, I’m sail number 1, which was hastily applied 2 minutes before the start….

RG Furzton

Photo by Sue Brown

Speaking of which my IOM saw it’s first outing at Furzton in next to no breeze at all. Having spent all summer sailing small boats this was a bit of a shock as to how docile the IOM was, but she went well and even scored a first place and a few seconds during the morning sailing. It has been shipped back to Yorkshire for some finishing touches and I will collect it on Friday morning just in time for the UK Nationals at West Kirby over the weekend….no pressure then…..!

Next month we will have had the shop open for 12 months and we might just run an amusing competition to celebrate.

As always if you need anything then just drop us a mail or drop an order through the shop. 

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