Who Knew?

So we’ve been busy beavering away again over the last week or so and we are pleased to let you know that our first batch of DF95 rig bags are complete and have been shipped off around the world, I would have taken a photo but to be honest we were in a bit of a rush so we forgot until they were packaged up so here is a photo of some rig bags and sails.


Stuff to post.

The above photo leads me to the purpose of this post which is who on earth knew that you’d need at least 5 different types of cardboard tube to send out goodies in. Last week alone we bought three different sizes and spent over £100 just to make sure that your sails and goodies turn up in good order. Of course when you get a delivery of more than 100 different sized tubes and end caps you need somewhere to store them too which now means I’m forever tripping over cardboard tubes and we now have an official “packing department” in the tree house.

Please visit the shop and help us out before I break my neck!

In other news we’ll be adding some more products to the shop over the next few days including our sticker sets which are pretty much complete, our DF95 numbers and also sails with numbers applied.

Our lead times spiked a little over the last month due to a surge in demand for sails for the DF95, we are through the majority of those initial orders now and are back to a seven to ten day turnaround on sail manufacture with parts, sail numbers and sticker sets being shipped out usually within 24 hours. Bear with us we’re busy trying not to trip over cardboard tubes!


Some nice DF95 sails ready to be shipped

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