A Little Bit of What You Like, (we like it too!)

Sorry we haven’t posted over the last week or so, Easter was happening and our boatyard needed a little bit of attention to make sure it was ready for the season which it now is. Our Easter weather here in North Wales wasn’t great so it allowed us to beetle on with some orders, some of which are pictured below.

A nice mix of DF65 and DF95 sails, boats, rig kits and accessories to keep us busy. Our first batch of DF95 rig bags should roll off the production line tomorrow and will be shipped out over the next few days, apologies for the slight delay, our sailmaker was as busy as we were in the run up to Easter and wasn’t able to look at the order until today.

Our DF95 sticker sets are now pretty much ready to go and should be finalised and on the shop before the weekend too, we know many of you are keen to get your hands on a set and we’ll be making sure that you can apply them with the minimum of fuss.

We hope you are enjoying the new DF95 and remember, if you know someone who wants one, we have them in stock for same day or next day shipping, available in the shop. We are still waiting on DF95 rig kits and bits but when they land we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime enjoy a few photos of some of our hard work from the last week or so.


DF95 and DF65 C Suits


DF95 A & B Suits


DF95 & DF65 C Suits


DF65 A suits


DF95 Full Hit!


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