Drumroll please…….

So after what seems like an absolute age we found some time to complete the development of our DF95 hull and deck sticker sets. We have invested many cups of tea and a couple of very late nights into the sticker sets and we think we’ve got it covered….literally!


The sets comprise of six vinyl stickers, two hull topside stickers, one foredeck sticker, an aft deck sticker, transom well sticker and a single use deck hatch sticker. Unlike our full length DF65 sticker sets we have developed the DF95 deck sticker in three parts so that there is no need to remove any deck fittings other than the sheeting elastic. It makes application of the deck sticker super easy which is what we like!


We will be adding the sticker sets to the shop over the next day or two and we will be offering a few variations of the sticker sets. Whilst the white deck on the DragonFlite 95 lends itself to one of our sticker sets we have had requests for hull only sets so we will more than likely offer hull only sets as well as full sets in plain and numbered or named.


24 hours or less and you should be able to purchase a set, we’ll keep you posted!

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