Sticker Sets go live, get yours now!

Morning folks, we’ve spent the morning drinking coffee for a change and pondering how to offer our DF95 sticker sets to the world. In the end we have decided to offer them three ways, you can either have a plain full set of six vinyl’s in your colour of choice or you can take a set with your preferred name or sail number on the aft deck sticker.  We have also decided to offer a hull only set which just has the two hull topside stickers but also comes with six, yes six, of our deck hatch patch stickers which are single use items. It seemed silly to waste the extra vinyl so we cracked on and have given you all al little extra goodness, just because we can really!


Dragonflite 95 hull & deck sticker set – plain

We have now added them to the shop and you can now take a look at them and get a set or two ordered.


Dragonflite 95 hull only sticker set with deck hatch patches


DF95 hull & deck sticker set with number on aft deck

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