Hello Again!

WordPress tells me it’s been a month since we last added a post to our website so I suppose I should apologise for the lack of info during that period. In essence there hasn’t been much to tell you guys other than that we’ve been super busy again building sails, cutting sticker sets and of course taking a week out to get ourselves up to Dragonfest for some racing. So whilst there isn’t much to tell you there is a bit to catch up on and we’ve got some photos too.


DF95 start at DragonFest

Lets start with DragonFest. It was awesome, we completed 92 races over 5 days with both the DF65 and the DF95. There were lots of very cool looking boats on the racecourse, some sporting our sails and sticker kits and some homebrew designs but all looking very colourful. Mike Weston sailing GBR69 was the winner of the Friday DF95 event and he was equipped with our sails and stickers.


GBR 69

Our own performance was ok considering that we enjoyed a lot of social activity, we scored a 6th and a 7th on the two pre event race days, 7th on the DF95 race day and 9th for the DragonFest DF65 event over the weekend. I lost the ability to sail on Sunday and having held on to 5th place overnight I plummeted to 9th at the end of the event having burnt the candle at both ends a little too hard over the week.

Full report and results here.

In other news we did some RC Laser racing at the beginning of May up at Fleetwood, whilst conditions weren’t ideal but we did score a pretty convincing win which we were pretty pleased with. There is a report on Yachts & Yachting here.

The workshop has been busy manufacturing DF65 and DF95 sails, rig bags and sticker sets for customers all over the world. We’ve included a couple of photos of some of the work we’ve done over the last few weeks.


Sticker sets and patches on their way out


Full hit of DF95 sails


DF95 A suit


DF95 B suit on the water


DF65 sails

So we are now back into the swing of things after having last week away and we are busy producing more goodies for skippers worldwide and we should have a batch of our DF95 rig bags ready for sale sometime in the next week or so. Our DF65 rig bags are back on the shop again and you can buy one here.

Remember, if you need sails or cool stuff for your DF racing yacht we can help, check out the shop here.


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