Short Week

It’s Tuesday afternoon, the sun is shining and my week is pretty much done. I’m heading off for a few days away with Mrs Boatyard, something we haven’t done for over four years for various reasons. We are off to Birmingham for a concert on Thursday evening which will be a nice break from all things boaty!

The big boatyard has been steady, the weather hasn’t yet really gotten any warmer than it was in April which is making it cold on the water, not ideal really. Soch Sails is as busy as ever with more than seventy orders already dealt with this month alone for everything from an RC Laser deck fitting to a full hit of our IOM sails

I’ve managed to get everything bar one order out the door and on it’s way this afternoon.

I’ll be back at the weekend and will start looking at new orders at the front end of next week.

As usual the shop is ready to take your orders. Shipping seems pretty good to all locations at the moment which is good news all round.

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