Jubilee Weekend and Orders

A boating god in a legend of a boat!

Here in the UK we are about to embark on arguably the largest celebration afforded to any monarch in recent times. I’ve known no other monarch other than Her Majesty, in fact many of you won’t have known another either. Anyhow, it seems that the weather is set to be good enough for some big boating action so I’ll be busy with the yard until Monday.

I’ve managed to ship a good few orders over the last two days, however if you haven’t received a shipping notification this afternoon then I’m afraid that your order will not be shipped until Monday at the earliest. If the weather turns and we aren’t mobbed then perhaps I’ll get a bit done over the weekend.

It’s been a strange start to the big boat season, it’s been cold and windy for most of the spring, fingers crossed that it pushes the great weather a little further on into August and September.

Soch Sails has continued to keep me busy with some big trade orders heading out over the month of May as well as another hundred or so retail orders that have been taken care of over the same period. So if you have emailed or called and I’ve not yet got back to you it’s not because I don’t want to talk to you, it’s because Soch Sails runs alongside my boatyard business, both of which are pretty busy.

Orders continue to come in from all over the world for our DF65 sails and DF95 sails as well as our IOM sails which are becoming a good chunk of our manufacturing time. We have reasonable stocks of RC Laser boats, sails, parts and spares which is good, we’ll more than likely be placing an onward order in the next few weeks to ensure we continue to be well stocked.

I missed the latest UK TT event due to work commitments but I hear it was a typically well contested two days with some useful social slotted into the evenings. I will be making the trip down to Dartmoor later in June which I’m looking forward to. The venue is a crazy place up on the moors above Plymouth.

Other than that it’s business as usual, the shop is open 247 to take any order you have. Meantime please take a look at some of the sails we’ve manufactured recently.

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