Quick update

Always time for a beer in the garden

Nothing much to report, a mediocre weekend at Lincoln the other weekend, I still can’t seem to make my DF95 go as it should, I think a bit of practice might be in order. I’m well over Covid now, however it seems to have left all three of us rather tired. Whilst all our symptoms were mild it seems that Covid has left a lasting effect which seems to be hard to get rid of. Annoyingly my 10K training has ground to a halt because of this. Hey ho, next year. The big boatyard is coming back to life which is keeping me busy as well as the orders that keep dropping into the inbox for sails and accessories for DF65, DF95 and IOM yachts as well as a couple of RC Lasers recently.

Speaking of RC Lasers we will be having a restock of the shop over the weekend so things that are out of stock now might not be in a couple of days. We’ll also be placing another order with our suppliers early next week for a bunch of parts and sails.

We are back at work six or seven days a week now unless I’m away racing so orders are being manufactured sharpish now and dispatch is usually pretty quick. Shipping times around the world seem to be somewhere about normal, UK is a day or two, Europe is a week or two, Spain and Italy are a little longer, Australia and NZ are a couple of weeks with the USA being the longest at three to four weeks. I guess it is the sheer volume of stuff heading into the USA that slows it all down a bit.

Other than that we are plodding along nicely, no amazingly huge news, just everyday adventures doing what we love by the seaside. When you look at it like that it’s not too sad really…..if only the weather would come good…….

Remember that the shop is open 247 to take your order. Enjoy your Easter weekend and fair winds to you all! Check out a little of our recent work below.

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