Saving two engines deserves a celebratory margarita !

Afternoon folks, I hope you are well and enjoying life. I’m having a busy time currently and have a number of key staff members out of the game with Covid. This has meant I have had to put my boatyard hat firmly on and have been spending the last few days doing boatyard stuff. This has taken my eye away from Soch Sails which has also been a busy business of late.

I’m pretty much up to date with all of our orders but I do have a trade order which appeared last week which is a lovely thing to have. The order is for 90 suits of sails which is pretty much our usual monthly output and about all I can manage when combined with our big boatyard business which will start to busy up massively as the school holidays kick in.

With all of the above in mind I have taken the decision to remove all sails apart from our IOM sails from our online catalogue. This should give me the breathing space to fulfill the largest trade order we have had to date without the added pressures of keeping our customer lead times as short as they usually are.

We haven’t shut the shop, it’s still there and you can order any other items you might need including rig kits, sticker sets, deck patches and anything else we have in stock. As soon as I have completed the big order I will put our sails back online and you’ll be able to purchase them once again. Hopefully this will be before the end of the month

Thanks for your understanding at this busy time.

Remember that the shop is still open for everything other than sails.



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