Family Time

After a very busy November in the workshop manufacturing DF sails, IOM sails and lots of radio sailing accessories it’s time for a break. As of now the workshop is closed until Wednesday 8th December so that we can head back to Yorkshire and see family before Christmas.

We’ve shipped all our overseas orders apart from one before leaving the workshop this afternoon which should mean you’ll get your goodies before Christmas.

When we return next week there will be no guarantee that overseas orders will reach you before the big day although we’ll do our best to get them out to you.

UK orders will be good until the end of the following week (17th) but after that we’ll probably not post anything until after Christmas.

So there we are, the chubby elf will continue to manufacture and ship orders until the 17th but after that he might have a bit of a break himself and enjoy a relaxing Christmas with a beer or two and a bbq as well.

As ever the shop will be open 247 and you can place an order for us to manufacture on our return. We might even have some stocking filler rig bags and transmitter covers ready to ship too.

Here’s some piccies of a few November sails…enjoy.

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