Chubby Elf working hard!

Having returned from a lovely family break on Wednesday morning I have been hard at it getting orders out of the door since then.

Wednesday afternoon saw 18 of the orders shipped out to customers, Thursday saw a couple more head out with our courier.

I’ve been busy making sails since then and managed to manufacture 24 suits over Thursday and Friday. This means I’m nearly up to date and with a bit of a push on Monday and Tuesday I’m hoping to get almost everything out of the door by Wednesday which would be pretty cool.

We have a couple of stocking fillers back in stock, including a few DF rig bags and a small number of our very popular transmitter covers in blue and black. Grab them in the shop whilst you can!

I’ll update you again towards the end of next week, no production on Friday as I have to go and say goodbye to a dear friend which involves a bit of a road trip.

If you’ve ordered sails from the shop recently see if you can spot them below.

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