Merry Christmas!

Hello folks, once again I hope this update finds you safe and well. It’s been a busy month here at Soch Sails HQ since we last updated you on what’s going on. So, we’ve had a few orders to fulfill during this time, we’ve sent RC Lasers around the globe, we’ve sent DF65 and DF95 sails and accessories around the world and we’ve done a bit more work on our IOM sails, including a wee bit of two boat testing.

I guess we should get to Christmas and how that’s going to play out in terms of orders being shipped. UK orders can be placed any time up until this Friday and we’ll make sure that they make it to the Post Office before the Monday deadline for first class mail. We have now stopped shipping overseas orders until January 2021. We have already lost two or three parcels destined for European locations and will doubtless need to remake these orders which is frustrating. If we ship items overseas now they will probably not make it to destinations until after Christmas, that’s if they don’t get lost along the way.

It seems that with the Covid pandemic still in full swing everyone is using various shipping methods to get Christmas gifts delivered and it has overloaded the system. I was speaking with a driver yesterday who had 160 parcels to deliver on Sunday….I dread to think what the workload is over the next couple of weeks.

So we’ll plod through the remaining overseas orders over the Christmas period and get them shipped early in January when Brexit will no doubt be top of the agenda.

As I mentioned earlier we’ve had a busy month, lots of sails and accessories for DF yachts going out of the door to locations all over the world. It still baffles me that people would find and then choose us to make their sails and for that we are truly grateful and we sincerely hope that you enjoy the end result. To all our customers both new and repeat we would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a better New Year.

It looks like there is some light in the distance for a better sailing year than 2020. Several vaccines are being rolled out here in the UK and although the task of stabbing 60 million people in the arm is a huge one and will take some time I hope that by mid 2021 we’ll be back to something that resembles normality….whatever that might be. We should all be able to go sailing again, and maybe even have some social activity afterwards!

Our IOM sails have been coming along recently. We’ve spent some time building some nice new rigs to dangle the sails from, I have quite enjoyed doing this as it has been an after work project which has seen me back in the Soch Sails Skunkworks at Global HQ. Music cranked up nice and loud so you can’t hear the wind and rain, heater on, possibly a beer or two and away we go. We’ve been using PG tube along with a range of fittings from various locations and I’ve now made up four rigs with this recipe and they look good and perform very nicely.

One thing I have tried to do is keep things pretty simple, I like the aerofoil Sails Etc spreaders so I’ve used those but the rest of the rig is pretty simple stuff. It’s the drilling of holes in the right places that makes the job go well and we’ve had some great drill blocks from Sails Etc as well which make the alignment really easy.

Hopefully we can get some more sailing in over the next couple of months before we hit the racecourse seriously next year and we’ll know how to get the best out of what we are building.

If you want a suit of Soch Sails IOM sails then we’ll be launching them in the New Year with dedicated pages both on this website and also the shop site.

Of course the shop is open 24/7 to take your orders and anything received will be processed for shipping in the new year after Monday. Clicky here for the shop

In closing we wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas and a much better new year.

Here is a small selection of our recent work that have shipped out.

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