Back in The Room

Signs of spring in the back garden at Soch Sails HQ, January 15th.

So it’s the 22nd January and we’re through our Christmas and New Year order book and have been fulfilling new orders at a rate of knots for the last week or so.

We thought we should just let you all know that we are still here and doing our thing as usual! Nothing amazing to report, still no sailing due to continued lockdown. We’ve had a busy start to 2021 and have manufactured almost 100 suits of sails up to this point which is pretty cool.

Our IOM sails continue to be developed and we’ve shipped a couple of suits out this month. I haven’t quite had chance to get a page up yet for them so if you need a suit in the meantime please just give us a shout via the usual channels and we’ll sort you out. Initial feedback from customers is that they look good!

Shipping times to all but European locations seems to have settled down a bit now we are through the Christmas rush. USA seems to be around 2 – 3 weeks, we did Japan in 7 days a week or two back and OZ and NZ seems to be similar to US locations. European orders are very much dependent on how your parcel flows through customs in the destination country. The Netherlands and France seem to be the slowest so far. As usual we will send you a tracking number for your overseas order when we fulfill the order, please keep an eye on it so that you can receive your order.

Other than that all is well here and we hope it is where you are too. Remember the shop is open 24/7 to take your orders and we’ll manufacture, package and ship them out to you in good time. Stay safe and healthy.

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