Little bags of goodness

Afternoon folks. Sitrep, Wales, locked down for another few days, England just begun a month long lockdown, USA knife edge election situation, most of Europe either locked down or soon to be. Soch Sails HQ, firing on all cylinders and continuing to ship Radio Yachting goodness all around the globe.

So, this is a short post with some useful info. A couple of months ago we started to supply DF rig kits once again and to be fair they’ve been flying out of the door. When we supply a kit we do a couple of things to make sure you get the best out of it.

First off we open it up and do a parts check to make sure that all the bits that should be there are in fact where they should be. So we know that when it leaves us everything is in the bag.

Then we add a little magic to make the job a little better and allow you to construct your rig to the same spec that we do which is, of course, completely class legal.

To do this we pop in a little bag of bits and some useful string. Since doing this we have had a number of phone calls and emails asking what in the world we’ve included in the bag. So, to avoid confusion check out the items below.

What’s in the bag of goodness?

OK, so in the bag we have a strip of double sided velcro, a ball, a couple of rig rings and some extra cordage, so what’s it all for. Cordage is simple, use it if you like, throw it in your toolbox if you don’t. It’s well over spec but works well for all DF related applications and we use it on all our own rigs.

Rig rings, you’ll get two with a DF65 A, B or C rig and three with an A plus or any DF95 rig kit. These are what we use to replace the kit supplied rings for topping lift, backstay and jib hanger. We’ve tried and tested them on our own rigs and they are welded, round rings that allow cord to flow through them easily without chafing.

Ball, simply to allow my fists of ham and fingers of butter to get hold of and place the backstay loop where it should be with ease. If I need it at 41 years old I’m sure it’ll make your lives easier too! See picture below for ball and rig ring use.

Ring, top right, ball, bottom middle.

Double sided velcro. So when you’ve taken the rig off the boat you’ll sometimes have let go of the jib boom and had it flap about the place becoming creased. Simple solution here, wrap the velcro round both booms and hey presto you have an easily manageable rig to pop into a rig bag, also works well when pulling the rig back out of the bag on a windy day. Pop the mast in the boat, then undo the velcro and attach the jib. See rig in picture for more detail!

There we have it, all questions answered. Remember, if you need a new DF rig to build during lockdown here in the UK we can supply it, along with some shiny new sails to put on it too!

The shop is always open

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