Lockdown Mk 2

Lots to get through this time, firstly here in Wales we have been put into another full on lockdown for the next 17 days. No matter, I can’t work from home so I’ll be in the workshop fulfilling orders as they come in and shipping them out as usual. As the rest of the world isn’t locked down I don’t anticipate any crazy hold ups in shipping times.

So, on to other stuff. We’ve been busy once again since our last post, I’ve even been sailing with my IOM again, which means I’ve sailed this class more than any other this year. Sounds great but I’ve only sailed it twice! This time I took a trip over to Yorkshire and spent a very pleasant day atop Ilkley Moor (with a hat) and placed a very solid second spot.

We’ve been making lots of sails too, this week for instance we’ve completed an order for 60 suits of DF sails, 120 deck patch sets, 10 transmitter bags, 20 rig bags and 30 some sticker sets. We’ve also shipped 40 rig bags out to a customer in Sweden as well as keeping up to date with our day to day orders as they come in.

30 (ish) DF65 sails

There has been some restocking of the shop again as items ran low, one item that we’ve been missing for some time has been the RC Laser bow bumper, but we now have a limited quantity in a range of colours. Get them quick though as they are selling fast. I think that sees us fully stocked with everything from a full on RC Laser package to a bottom rudder bush. We’ve also been working on a reliable stainless screw pack to replace all the hardware on your boat and give it a refresh, nearly there with it, launching soon.

Something else that will be launching soon will be our range of IOM sails, it’s been a two year project so far and I’m happy that we have some good, well thought out shapes for our sails. I’ve been trailing Soch Sails IOM sails for some time and I’ve had lots of encouragement from people who know what they are on about. However, IOM stuff is somewhat different to DF stuff with a myriad of variables and I’m keen to know what differences these variables make. So I’ve decided that I need a two boat testing program over the winter months and to facilitate this I’ve got myself a matching IOM to my own, so now I’ve got double Visions which will allow me to do some more research. Updates incoming I should imagine as Vision No1 is currently in dry dock having a bit of a refit.

Double Vision !
IOM No1 suit

Other than that lot we’ve been kept busy by you guys out there who have continued to support our little business in these strange times, and for that I can’t thank you enough and I hope that you continue to do so.

A quick heads up on sticker sets, we have two drawers that keep our stock and it’s time to turn it over, so over the next few weeks we’ll be listing what’s in the drawers, there are plenty of full sticker sets that are good to go and there are also a number of sets that have been mis cut, creased or have bits missing. One thing that they all have is some healthy discount. When I get to it next week they will appear in the clearance section of the shop. A good time to mix and match those colour schemes folks 👍🏻

I also have a couple of suits of sails that were made to order and not required, they will appear in the clearance section too, from memory there’s a 95 B suit, a 65 A and A plus suit, more healthy discount will be applied!

I’m sure there is heaps of news I’ve missed but I’ll update you again soon. If you need anything DF racing yacht related or anything for your RC Laser then pop over to the shop and take a look at what we’ve got for you.

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