Lockdown blues

So we should be just back from a weekend of DF95 racing at Fleetwood but the event got canned before we even got near the start line, hey ho. We should have been looking forward to the annual Clive Hand race st Lincoln this coming weekend but that’s been canned too…hey ho.

Both events would have been fun but the reality is that difficult decisions were made by organising clubs and I think they are probably pretty sensible to have cancelled.

So we’ve been busy in the workshop getting through a mountain of orders instead. It’s not racing but it’s a great way to pass the time. We’ve been shipping lots of sails and accessories worldwide over the last month as well as building a few more DF rigs for customers to collect from us.

Shipping times seem to be pretty much the same as they were a month ago.

We’ve had another shipment of RC Laser goodies arrive to keep us stocked up. The only thing we currently don’t have is mast pots, no idea why I didn’t order any but we’ll remedy the situation quickly.

Other than the non sailing thing life is good and we seem to be on top of everything currently. As ever the shop is open 247 for you to place an order and remember, if you don’t see it and you want it just drop us a line and if we can make it happen we surely will.

Here’s some recent stuff.

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