I Remembered!

So our last post saw us getting ready for the RC Laser Nationals at Fleetwood. We went up on the Friday and had a bit of a play with the boat, making sure it was all ready to go on the Saturday morning. Briefing done I watched the first seeding race and then went and won my seeding race, not a bad start having not sailed since the beginning of June.

We had a great breeze all day, not quite straight down the lake, but pretty good and I finished the day in fourth spot, not quite what I’d expected. A bottle of rum later and Sunday morning rolled round with a better breeze down the lake but it was due to change around lunchtime. Another couple of good races and a poor one saw me finish the event in the chocolates in third spot. I’ll take that!

Our stock of RC Laser goodies has stabilised in recent months and we can now confidently order and stock all boat, rig and related items. We are well stocked with boat electronics too with plenty of Hitec winches and servos. If you need it, we’ll probably have it and if we don’t we’ll get it within two weeks!


RC Laser winches and servos, we’ve got them!

Since I’ve been back it’s been as busy as ever, the boatyard is heading towards winter shutdown mode with just this weekend left before we get to have a lie in on a Saturday and Sunday! Soch Sails are flying out of the door and heading all over the world. We are also currently fulfilling three trade orders to Sweden, Denmark and our good friends at RC Yachts, so you’ll be able to buy our goodies direct from your local supplier perhaps.

Order to fulfillment is currently running at a couple of days and shipping times seem to be pretty good worldwide with Australia and NZ taking a little over a week.

One note on ordering, when you place an order with us please please check your shipping address is correct. We have had a couple of instances recently where we have shipped orders and had people mail us to let us know that the shipping address is incorrect, which is a little too late for us to correct the address. When we produce our shipping labels we simply copy and paste the shipping address details that you provide onto the labels. We have, just today, had a tube returned to us from Australia which was incorrectly addressed. I was pretty pleased that it made it from the UK to Oz in 8 days but it has taken nearly two weeks to make it back to base!

Once we’ve completed the three trade orders we will be having a sticker sort out which should result in a new section on the website entitled “Clearance”, this new section will also include a few other bits and bobs that you guys can pick up cheaper than our usual retail pricing.

Thanks again for continuing to choose Soch Sails to power your DF racing yachts.

The shop is open 24/7 for you to place an order, check it out by clicking here.

Please find some of our recent work below.

DF95 Sails

DF65 Sails

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