Time to go yachting!

Ok, so we had a break in mid August, another quick bit of family time at the front end of September and now we are getting towards the back half of September and it’s time to go yachting.

This weekend sees the 2019 RC Laser Nationals up at Fleetwood, having not sailed one for a good year or so I figured it would be a good giggle to pop along and see if I can remember how to sail after a break of nearly three and a half months due to a number of factors.


Strip down and rebuild before the Nationals.

So we are packing the van and heading off either tomorrow or Friday for a bit of practice and a catch up with some good friends, a bit of social and of course some great racing. 32 skippers appear on the entry list so far with a good mix of past and present champions, a few foreign visitors and a UK entry from all corners. I’m pretty sure the welcome at Fleetwood will be as warm as ever and the breeze will be straight up and down the lake as it always is when we visit!

We’ll be travelling with a van full of RC Laser goodies so should you have any breakages over the event we can keep you on the racecourse, from a spare keel to a mast, from a servo to a set of rudder linkages, we’ll have it all on board as well as a selection of shiny new sails should you need them.

In other news we have been super busy recently (as usual it seems) and we have been sending sails, rig bags, sticker sets and RC Laser spares all over the UK and indeed the world. New Zealand seems to have new fleets of both DF65 and DF95 and we are sending lots of sails in that direction.

We’ve found a good RC Laser battery charger recently that we’ve been using, its a great plug and play one and it does all it says on the tin without breaking the bank. We’ve sourced a deans to bec connector as well so it integrates seamlessly with the battery upgrade packs that we supply. Check it out along with our other RC Laser products here.


Keeping your racing charged up!

Current production time is pretty quick and certainly less than a week for anything we currently offer. Shipping times are currently good too with goodies reaching Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand in around 10 – 12 days, customs dependent obviously.

We’ll commence production again on Monday 23rd September when we have recovered from the RC Laser Nationals…….if we can remember how to sail the boat!! As usual the shop is open 24/7 to take your order and remember if you can’t see what you want then please drop us a mail and we’ll try hard to make it happen for you.

Chances are we’ll be having a fire sale on our stock sticker sets as the drawers need a clearout, so if you are thinking of buying one of our sticker sets then hang fire, we might just have a deal for you in the next week or two. We also have a couple of new product launches coming over the next few weeks, we’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime check out a small selection of our recent sail builds.

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