A little downtime

So we’ve had a really hectic couple of months with the boatyard being super busy and our Soch Sails business keeping us rather busy too. We’ve had a couple of pretty cool projects to go at too, one of which was making some sails for the Sail GP guys who wanted a fleet of replica Sail GP cats to take to each venue with them.

Sail GP in miniature!

Our trade side has been busy too with several hefty orders for our goodies from all over the world. Retail has been great too, our RC Laser delivery back in June is quickly disappearing and we’ll need to restock that before too long, but we do have everything from a new boat to a servo arm in stock.

I’ve not been sailing for a couple of months, I figure I’ll probably remember how to do it when I need to next. It’s a little bit annoying to have missed two of the DF Racing TT events but hopefully I can find a little time in September to go to Holland.

With summer holidays in full swing I have decided that I need a little bit of a rest having worked solidly for the last 70 odd days so we are having a family trip away for a few days. A trip over to Yorkshire until Friday is on the cards, we are leaving tomorrow morning (Sunday) and we’ll be back in the workshop on Friday sometime.

As such we will not be sending any orders out until Friday 16th August at the earliest.  If you need sometime from us urgently please check out the RC Yachts website who have stock of all our sails and sticker sets as well as some more of our goodies.

The shop will be open in the meantime to take any orders.

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