End of Season

Although we said we weren’t actually going to travel to Fleetwood for the last weekend of the DF TT series….well…..we actually did, and we had a great time too.

Arriving on Friday afternoon we put the two Wonkaboats together having not sailed the DF65 since the Nationals in June and the DF95 since the Nationals way back in May. A visit to the pub on Friday evening, a lack of consistent breeze on Saturday and the fact that I hadn’t sailed the 65 for months meant I didn’t really fare too well in the racing finishing 10th.

Determined to make sure this didn’t happen again on Sunday I spent longer in the pub on Saturday night. However, come Sunday morning I had all my racing driver excuses lined up and wasn’t really expecting that much from my day, other than another nice day by the side of a pond with some good friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.


Wonkaboat looking racy – Photo Sue Brown

A third in the seeding race plus a couple of bullets and a string of single digit scores saw me finish the day in third spot, somewhat better than I’d expected. Having missed three of the TT events I was pretty stoked to finish the season in seventh place in the overall points table.

So whilst the DF racing season is over it might be time to see if I can find all the bits for my IOM and get that back on the water for the winter months along with doing a bit more RC Laser sailing.

48936471178_a5728c6e38_c (1)

Wonkaboat winning!! – Photo Sue Brown

The online shop is busy as ever, with lots of goodies going out all over the world, from DF sails to RC Laser parts and one or two boats here and there. I’m trying to organise our clearance section and I hope to have it up and running soon.

We are having a bit of a topsy turvy week this week as Phoebe is on half term and Emily is not, so I’m taking up the slack which means I’m in Monday, Wednesday and maybe Friday, I’ll also be off on Monday next week. This means our lead times may be a little extended over the next two weeks.


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