DF65 V6 Sticker Sets, available….Now!

So it’s taken a little longer than we had hoped and we’ve drunk our way through a whole heap of tea and coffee but here we are with a set of products that we hope you’ll really enjoy.

The sets come in three options, all being nine piece sets which make them our most comprehensive sticker sets to date and we have completely redesigned the V6 sets with all 9 stickers being completely unique to the DF65 Version 6 sticker sets.

Each set comprises of a half length deck sticker, a single use vinyl hatch cover patch, three piece transom set, two hull stickers and to stickers to fill in the strake between hull and deck. We are pretty sure we’ve got it covered!

We have a half length sticker set which has all the deck and strake stickers included but just has a half length hull sticker to blend into the original kit supplied graphic.

We also offer a similar set but with a full length set of hull stickers and then we have our third option which has a sail number or name on the hull sticker. Unfortunately due to the new deck arrangement we cannot offer a sticker set with a sail number on the deck set, there just isn’t enough space to put it on there.

Despite appearances there is no need to remove anything from the deck to install the sticker set other than unclipping the elastic from the front eye. We have applied four sets today and we have it down to around 7.5 minutes which was for the green set pictured above which we applied whilst on the phone to someone!

As usual the stickers will come to you in a cardboard tube with a useful guide on how to apply them successfully.

For more details visit the shop by clicking here.



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