Getting there…..sort of!

So we have been a little overwhelmed by the response to the launch of our new DF65 V6 sticker sets and we’ve shipped quite a few sets all over the globe including a set out to Indonesia of all places. It seems that the DF65 is getting to the parts others have failed to reach!

Stealth carbon DF65 V6 sticker set…nice!

We’ve also had a super busy month with DF sails generally and are running a little behind with our A+ orders, all of which should be cleared by this time next week if not before.

Stealth DF65 A suit

Despite being very busy with DF65 and DF95 sails, stickers and other goodies we have also found time to build, rig and commission a handful of RC Lasers which we’ve shipped around the country along with several orders for spares and sails. 

As if this wasn’t keeping us busy enough it’s that time of year when we get all our big boats back down to the boatyard for the season which starts at the weekend. Apparently the sun might be out which would be nice however I’m off to Fleetwood on Friday morning for rounds 5 and 6 of the DF Racing UK TT series which may also enjoy the predicted sunshine.

As such we will be finishing work on Thursday evening and will not be back aboard HMS Treehouse again until Monday morning. Once back we will be in residence at the boatyard until well after Easter.

If you need to place an order please head over to the shop by clicking here.

Check out some photos of this weeks work so far below, hopefully we’ll have some A+ photos next week!

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