A+ Sails Available to Order

Morning Folks, so just before we set off on a 600 mile weekend of racing our Df65 and DF95 we thought we should get our new DF65 A+ sails up on the shop so that you guys could get them ordered over the weekend.

A+ rig

Whilst there will continue to be much debate over the new rig the thinking behind it is sound and it will allow much more racing at lighter wind venues where the compromises of the production nature of the DF65 becomes more apparent.

Production will start on Wednesday after we have sorted out our plans for the sails, they will be of 36 micron film which is well suited to the sort of light wind that the rig should be used in.

Luff and corner colours can be chosen as with all our other sails and you can choose to have the sail with or without numbers.

For more information please click here.

We are still engineering the new V6 hull and deck sticker sets, they are taking a little longer than expected due to our current workload but rest assured when they are ready they will look great!


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