Updates, Updates, Updates!!

We’ve had a busy old time recently, having spent a weekend racing at West Lancs  mid month for the first of the 2017 DF Racing TT series we returned with a big grin and were pleased that we’d remembered how to sail the DF boats.

We also returned to a bucketful of orders for sails & stickers to places far and wide which have kept us busy for a while as well as producing lots of goodies for our friends at RC Yachts in amongst our own orders.

We are now being asked about the A+ sails for the DF65, we will be producing these, in the near future and we will be offering a pre order service to enable you to place an order ahead of time.

The A+ sails will form part of the new DF65 rules which will appear soon after the V6 boat is available here in the UK, the V6 will also call for a redesign of our hull & deck sticker sets which will take a couple of days once we get our hands on a boat, sometime soon we hope! The stickers we currently offer will not fit the V6 boats.

We are also pleased to announce that we have a restocking order of RC Laser boats and parts which are due with us within the next few days, this is a little later than we had hoped for and we should be able to fulfill any  and all outstanding RC Laser orders within the next 7 days.

We are at the Dinghy Show this coming weekend, 4th & 5th March at Ally Palace in London Village, we’ll be manning the DF Racing stand, (C47 Great Hall) where we will be promoting the two DF Racing classes to the wider dinghy sailing public, if you’re there pop along and say “hi”.

Following that we have a short week as we are having a “holiday” from Thursday 9th March until Tuesday 14th March and we’ll be relaxing in a cottage in Derbyshire for a day or two then racing at Chipstead and Coalhouse Fort in the DF Racing TT series which we are looking forward to.

And finally!, having sent out orders it is always nice to hear from happy customers who are enjoying our products, so here are a couple from the “Owners Gallery!”

p1960532 p1960320 p1960302

A fresh fleet of DF65’s enjoying the weather in Miami FL all 21 boats in the fleet have Soch Sails and sticker sets!


DF95 Down Under


UK based stickers and sails

As well as all these great images that we have been sent we have also grabbed some photos of sails we have shipped out recently, here are a selection below.


DF95 full hit


DF95 A, B & C

img_2263 img_2311 img_2297

DF65 sails including a “stealth” A suit

As always, the shop is open to take your order and we’ll process any orders we get as quickly as we can. Sails are running at less than a week currently and sticker sets, numbers and RC Laser parts are usually sent same day.

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