We’re back and we’re off again.

So our trip out to Nuremberg went well, many of you will have seen the launch of the V6 DF65 via the medium of Facebook which went well and allowed everyone a really good preview of the new boat as well as getting the inside track on why the changes have been made. You also got to see the elusive Mr Tushingham!

There was some beer consumed and many pork based products eaten and swilled down with more beer. Lots of comedy moments in amongst getting some serious work done with the Joysway engineers.

In all the excitement I completely forgot to take any photos of the new boat, however I did spot the most amazing model of a Mk2 Transit van in British Gas livery. Pretty cool as a model.

We arrived back late Monday after being thwarted 30 miles from home by a disinterested caravan which closed the road home and added nearly 2 hours to the journey.

Since then we’ve been busy catching up and building boats for the first of the DF Racing UK Travellers Trophy events at West Lancs YC which take place this weekend. We are packing the van in the morning and should be there mid afternoon for a little practice!

The shop will be open to take your order and we’ll find some routine again next week all being well.

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