Shipping News – Good & Not so Good

Morning Folks, another great day here, lots going on, weather not great but hey ho, could be worse.  Some reasonably serious news this morning involving shipping costs for the goodies that you buy from our shop.

We have always had great faith in our own Royal Mail service, something that doesn’t change, our UK parcels always seem to arrive within 24 – 48 hours, even to remote destinations like Shetland, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

However over the last couple of months we have seen an increasing number of overseas parcels going missing, which is something that we find rather annoying as it then requires us to remake the order and resend it at our cost. Perhaps it is our own fault for not sending parcels on a tracked and signed service, however up until now we haven’t seen it as a necessity. We now find ourselves in a situation where we feel that it is sensible to only send overseas shipments using tracked and signed services thus giving you guys some extra peace of mind when you place an order with us.


Once shipped you will be sent confirmation along with a tracking number to allow you to keep a beady eye on where your parcel is. When it arrives with you there may be a requirement for a signature.

Hopefully this will alleviate the problems we have had recently and whilst we appreciate it is an increased cost for you, it is also an increased cost for us and we feel that we must, unfortunately pass this cost on which we hope you can understand from a customer service point of view. Check out the details on the Ordering page

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