Are we crazy?……probably!

Evening folks, we’ve never really been able to compete with the box movers in the model world however we think we have nailed a unique selling point that might make you think about buying a new DF65 from us.

We’ve got a box of four shiny new DF65’s, the latest model of course, and because it’s not far off Christmas we thought we should offer you a bit of a special deal…….so here it is,

Buy the boat inc radio for £154.00 and get a Soch Sails A suit in your colours along with a half length sticker set for free.

So to recap, spend £154.00, get £40.00 of free stuff, no catches, its a simple as that.

And because it’s nearly Crimbo we’ll ship it to anywhere in the UK for free. Discount code is on the product page.

Click the link here and buy one right now!

This offer is only open to UK customers, for you guys abroad we’ll have something for you in a week or two.

Just in case you need reminding what you’ll get, here’s a picture.


Pick your own colours for sails and stickers, we’ll do the rest!

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