Thursday’s child has far to go, I sure do!

I’m not sure if I was born on a Thursday or not, but today is Thursday and judging by my performance at last weekends DF95 Nationals I really do have far to go! Having finally thawed out and caught up on some orders I’m sat in front of a roaring fire with five minutes to spare so I thought I’d tell you about last weekend…..

After a six hour slog across the country on Friday afternoon I arrived at the lake to find that practice was over and I was late for the pub, never a great start. Van prepped for the after pub slumber I promptly started consumption of Stongbow’s finest “Dark Fruit” cider at a rate on knots. By closing time there was concern about the following evenings supply of both red wine and cider, with orders for both lodged with the landlady.

Saturday dawned to a breezy and chilly outlook and with breakfast taken care of at the lakeside the 34 competitors lined up for a photo to capture the mood at this historic event.


Photo by Sue Brown

The first race of the first ever DF95 Nationals and blammo, the very spangly GBR 99 took the win, could this be the amazing event I had dreamed of the night before in a cider infused sleep?……… it wasn’t.  By mid afternoon I was cold, unable to trim my rig and I couldn’t for the life of me overstand or even lay the windward mark.


Photo by Sue Brown

Finishing the day in 17th I exited stage left and began another cider related evening which I figured couldn’t hurt too much. After a  lot of food I had to admit defeat at 2130 and retired to the van for some cheese related dreams. I dreamt that it got really cold and all the air went out of the airbed…wait….it wasn’t a dream and I awoke from under my 13.5 tog duvet to some serious frost on the ground, however more importantly there was rain forecast to accompany the now biting wind.

My day started much the same as I left off on Saturday but colder. Towards the end I managed to win another A fleet race but after that my talent had clearly gone back to the van to warm up and I languished in the midfleet for the rest of the day.

At the end of the event I recorded a “must try harder” 15th from 34 competitors, which was just above mid fleet but it could have been so different. More time on the water was the outcome of the four hour de brief on the journey home.

Despite my own result I had an epic weekend, catching up with some now really great friends as well as making new ones who we’ll catch up with again before too long. The venue at Lincoln MYC is superb, with Mick, Darin and the team continuing to improve the facility at Scotland Farm. Thanks to everyone who made the event happen, giving up their own event to help make ours better.

The full results are available on the DF Racing website and there are a whole heap more of Sue Browns excellent photos available here.

As usual the shop is ready to take your order for DF and RC Laser related goodies. We will have some RC Laser news next week, unfortunately not all good, with the supply of some items a little on the thin side until the new year.

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