Boats and Goodies Update, a Holiday & Some Housekeeping!

So we are motoring on with our DF95 pre orders and should have the majority of them delivered by the end of this week. We have found a little time today to sort out our first DF95 rig bag which will get some testing this week and be put into production early next week. It is available to order on the shop and comes as a 4 pocket bag to accommodate all the DF95 rigs. It looks pretty trick too.


DF95 Rig Bag

We have also developed some alternative deck hatch patches for the DF95 which we think are pretty cool, we’ve tried them on our own boat and report back with success. Details are available on the shop for the moment and we will update the Deck Patch page on here over the next few days.


Alternative deck patch, looking good during our first sail.

Boats, Rig Bags, Deck Patches, there must be something else, ah yes, our hull and deck sticker sets, these will be developed over the next few weeks and as soon as we have something we’ll let you know. Sails are on the go too and you can order suits in the shop.


Another shot of our DF95 on its maiden

Other than being very busy we are having a break for the rest of this week and taking a trip to Yorkshire to see my folks. My dad celebrates his 70th birthday next week and they have organised a family get together for the end of this week. After last year’s problematic times we’ve decided that this year we will take the opportunities as they come and this one deserves a few days away with Emily and Phoebe.

As such the shop will still be open and taking your orders however nothing will be manufactured or shipped now until Monday 14th March. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but we are pretty sure you’ll understand our desire to celebrate with my dad who has been a pretty standout guy during my lifetime!

We have also done a little bit of housekeeping on the website which now sees the DF65 and DF95 having their own range of products. If you hover over either of the two titles you’ll see a drop down menu with details of sails and accessories available for that boat. We will shortly be adding another exciting range of sails, as if we haven’t enough to be getting on with!

There is bound to be something that we’ve missed off this update but hey ho, if I remember I’ll post it up.

Don’t forget to visit the shop!

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