DF95 goodies coming along!

It looks like we’ll be drowning in boxes of DF95’s as of Monday and if you have preordered one you’ll be getting an email from us tomorrow letting you know how you can sort out your order with us.

In the meantime we thought it might be sensible to get some sails on the go and we’ve sorted our B suits and added some pictures to the website along with the details and you can place an order in the shop.


Rig kits for B, C and D sails are looking like being with us in a couple of weeks time which should give us a couple of weeks to get some stock made, if you want something a little different then get in touch.

Once we have a boat to work with we will be getting our heads around some sticker sets so that you can pimp your boat and stand out from the crowd. No doubt these will appear in the shop in a couple of weeks.

As well as all that good stuff we will be engineering some rig bags  to keep your shiny new sails…..well…shiny and new! These will appear in the shop as soon as they are ready.

So as you can see we’ve got a busy few weeks coming up, including sorting out the boatyard for Easter too. Any chance of a couple of extra hours in each day, or maybe an extra day each week???

If we don’t answer your email promptly it’s not that we don’t love you, it’s just that we are a little busy and we will try to deal with mails during the evenings.

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